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The Secret to True Happiness


So you want to be a millionaire but you’re worried about whether it’ll truly make you happy. This is a normal concern for anyone who wants to become super successful. And it’s okay to have these concerns. In fact, I don’t know a successful millionaire who didn’t eventually think about stuff like this. But read on and I’ll tell you what truly makes you happy!

The first point to remember is that happiness is linked to positivity and therefore to success. You won’t be able to become successful if you don’t have a good attitude towards your personal growth and development. You will only start to make money when you truly believe that you can.

The second point to think about is that you will definitely reach a cap to your happiness once you make your first million. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be unhappy. This simply means that your standards of measuring happiness will have been raised enough so you will want to reach higher goals. And this means your happiness will only keep increasing, albeit in different forms than you knew before.

The trick you have to know is to stop asking yourself tough and unnecessary questions like, “will I be happy in the future?” You have to stop asking these questions because all they do is cause anxiety and guilt if you don’t find yourself as happy as you thought you were or could be.

So don’t sweat this stuff. Just do what you’re doing, keep a positive mindset, and you will achieve all the success and happiness you’re looking for. Don’t be hard on yourself!

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