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Saint Jhn Net Worth

saint jhn net worth
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Here's how much Saint Jhn Net Worth is

Carlos St. John, also known as Saint Jhn is a rapper who has a net worth of $2 million USD. Ever wonder how he earned a million-dollar net worth at such a young age? Keep on reading to find out the secrets behind Saint Jhn’s apparently speedy success. 

  • Saint Jhn was born in Brooklyn, New York on the 26th of August in 1986. He is originally from the Republic of Guyana, South America where he spent the majority of his childhood.

He had a rather hard childhood as his father wasn’t around which is why Saint Jhn had a very poor childhood. He even had to sell drugs for a little while but couldn't pull it off for long. 

Influenced by his elder brother, Saint Jhn started making music at the mere age of 12. As a high school freshman, he wrote his first actual song which further motivated him to take his craft seriously and professionally.

  • He later visited LA to get a break where he met the now chairman of BMG Publishing, Zach Katz who pushed him to write for established artists to start out his musical career. 

Initially, he was rejected by Rihanna but later got picked by Beyonce, Hoodie Allen, Jidenna, Nico & Vinz, Usher, and various other well-renowned artists. Soon enough Saint Jhn became a highly desired songwriter but he got sick of writing for other artists and started his own rapping career. This is how he started releasing top of the chart songs. 

  • Saint Jhn, while talking to The Fader, has described his sound as “broad” and admitted that he does not want to give anyone the opportunity to stereotype his music.

So, what keeps Saint going despite becoming a renowned artist and millionaire? He admits that to this day, his previous life in poverty inspires him to keep working hard as he vividly remembers where he came from. 

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