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4 Surprising Reasons Why Your PPC Campaign Isn’t Working Out

why your ppc campaign isn't working

Here some surprising reasons why your latest PPC campaign isn't working

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the best tools to market your business. If done correctly, it can result in exponential business growth. However, many businesses commit basic PPC errors. Avoiding them can help increase your return on investment.

Importance Of PPC Campaign in Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, you can't ignore PPC ads. Paid advertising is a great technique to increase traffic and market your brand to customers. On the downside, if PPC marketing isn’t done well, it can drain out your resources.

Reasons Why Your PPC Campaign Isn't Working

  • The results of PPC marketing campaigns depend on their execution strategies. On one hand, some companies spend millions of dollars on PPC advertising and generate large profits. On the other hand, most companies have a hard time unlocking the potential of PPC advertising because of a few common mistakes they make.

Even the best marketing campaigns can go down the drain if these common errors are not avoided. So let's take a look at some of the common causes for the failure of your PPC campaigns.

Keyword Overload

  • The average PPC account generates total sales with only 12% of keywords. This means that if your account is like a regular AdWords account, just 12% of your keywords will contribute to all of your sales. The remaining 88% of non-responsive keywords use up to 61% of the budget.  

So, if you do not overload your campaign with unnecessary keywords you can save a lot of your budget and spend it on the correct sales-generating keywords.

Sending Visitors to Your Homepage

  • One of the most common PPC advertising errors is to send traffic to your Homepage. Your homepage usually doesn't contain the information visitors are looking for as homepages are generic and they only introduce your business. 

New users who are looking for relevant information find this a turn off and revert back instantly. In this way, your website will face the highest bounce rate, which reduces your exposure. This results in the loss of potential customers. It is better to send traffic to a service page instead of the homepage.

Bidding Too Low

  • This error seems a bit contradictory. The higher you bid, the more clicks you can get! This is true, but another factor should be considered as well which is the Click Through Rate (CTR). CTR and advertising websites are closely related. The longer it takes to get a click, the longer it takes to determine which keywords, ad text, and landing pages will perform best. 

If you gradually increase your offers, you'll actually spend more on the wrong ads and keywords.

Not Analyzing Your Industry

  • Of course, you are not the only business in the market. Many of your competitors are already running solid marketing campaigns. They might have made mistakes that ruined their campaigns. But they might have corrected them and built a profitable strategy. 

A smart move would be to thoroughly analyze each of your competitor's strategies to avoid repeating the same mistakes they did.

One sure shot way to make a successful PPC campaign is to identify your competitors first by conducting keyword research. To do so, enter keywords or phrases into search engines and see which ads are showing. The top ads belong to your most prosperous competitors. Study them well.

Final Verdict

  • The above-mentioned PPC errors cost companies thousands or even millions of dollars each month and is probably the reason why your latest PPC campaign isn't working. Fortunately, you can avoid them and turn an inefficient campaign into a cash cow with a few quick fixes.

If you wish to learn more about PPC advertising campaigns, we highly recommend you check out Local Marketing Vault. Local Marketing Vault teaches you how to run profitable Google and Facebook ad campaigns for your online businesses.

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