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3 Reasons Why Your PPC Campaign Failed

PPC campaign failed

Have you ever wondered why your recent PPC campaign failed? Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the most sought-after and impressive tools of digital marketing. Multiple businesses have reached new heights of success by deploying PPC. On the other hand, the number of PPC campaign failures is double than the success stories. 

There are many businesses that fail to unlock the true potential of PPC and end up wasting precious resources while not getting the desired results.

They can turn this misfortune into a profitable stream of revenue if they avoid the most common PPC mistakes. We are here to illuminate you about the mistakes which businesses usually make and how to avoid them. So read on.

Keyword Mismanagement

  • Each business has a list of focused and highly responsive keywords. They resonate with the niche and brand of the business. In an effort to achieve good results, many businesses bid for keywords that aren’t strictly related to their business. These keywords remain non-responsive and fail to generate business. 

As the saying goes: less is more. This is true for running a successful PPC campaign. An audit was made for 2,000 PPC accounts which revealed some astonishing facts. It was deduced that on average, only 12% of keywords are responsible for generating all sales. The remaining 88% of keywords remain non-responsive. Why? Because they are not relevant to the business. 

However, the non-responsive keywords end up consuming 61% of the budget. This leads to a waste of precious resources and productive time.

The solution: Filter out all your non-responsive and budget consuming keywords. Utilize your budget smartly.

Why Your PPC Campaign Failed – Generic and Bland Ad Copies

  • Most Ad copies end up following the same generic and bland theme. The Ad copies of businesses belonging to the same niche often sound the same and lack creativity. If your Ad copy is boring, the PPC ad will not stand out and garner the requisite traffic even if it is being displayed on top of the page. 

The solution: in order to create a good ad copy, you need to understand the psyche of the target audience. Your ad copy should resonate with their need and it should offer a doable solution to their problem. It is only then that the needy customer will click on your ad. 

Not Tracking Lead Generating Calls 

  • In order to have a successful PPC campaign, you should analyze the contribution of sales made from different channels of marketing. Then identify which PPC campaigns are responsible for these successful leads. Phone calls are an important source for the creation of leads and sales for most businesses. 

Despite that, businesses have a casual attitude towards tracking their leads through phone calls. When a business does not track their phone calls, it cannot accurately determine whether the PPC campaigns have been successful or not. 

  • The Fix: Implement Google’s Call Forwarding Feature to keep track of your calls. Save a call forwarding number in the call extensions of your ad copy. This way, you will be able to record calls even from the basic ad group level. By doing so, you will know which PPC campaign was responsible for the call that was placed by a customer. 

If you wish to avoid the most common PPC mistakes made by businesses, we recommend you to take the Local Marketing Vault Course. It is a beginner’s course for PPC. After taking this course, we hope that you will not only avoid PPC campaign mistakes but you will earn maximum profit through a successful PPC campaign.

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