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Pipes Versus Dashes In Title Tags – What Is The Best?

seo-titlesHey there… OK first I go into way more detail in the video so scroll down and watch it below! Pretty interesting results!

So do you use Dashes (-) or Pipes (|) when you create title tags? I have always liked using dashes. There was a time I jumped on the Pipe band wagon, but I don't know the | always irked me LOL

I just hired a guy to help me with some onsite SEO and he used all PIPES, so of course my OCD kicked in, but before I was to tell him to use dashes… simply my preference I decided to once again do a quick Google search and see what I could find.

So I did find this article which was pretty informative: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/pipe-or-dash-in-title-tag/

Ultimately, like anything you need to actually get your hands dirty and do some work!

I see so many “gurus” or other people who just read SEO info on blogs and take it as Gospel truth, but have never actually put in the work! So go out and test your own sites, break stuff, get a penalty, get something to rank and you can see for yourself.

I decided let me just pick a few competitive keywords and compare the sites that ranking and who uses Dashes (-) or Pipes (|), so that is what I did in the video below! Go ahead take a peak. PLEASE leave a comment below. I want to hear what you think!

Pipes (|) Versus Dashes (-) In SEO Title Tags – Who Wins?


So there you have it, I mean it is a definite win for using dashes versus pipes right? Again to me it is not a huge deal, but I was curious so I did the video and this post.

If you wanted to go and test this out a bit more on other keywords I would love to hear your results! Let me know and I will even link out to your results if you post about them on your blog.

Again if you are new to SEO don't get caught up in all the things that are tossed around everyday. You gotta get busy and build some sites for yourself and test things out!

Make sure the sites are quality, make sure the info you put on them is amazing and it answers the visitors question or points them in the right direction!

Of course we all know there is more to that, but if you get the basics down the rest usually follows.

Yes I know you need quality links and all that fun stuff, but that is for another day!

Don't worry about that until you have your keyword research and onsite SEO on point!

So are you going to use pipes or dashes??? LOL!!

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