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pamperedPampered Chef started out in 1980 and it was set up in Doris Christopher’s basement! In 10 short years, the company had already expanded to Canada, the UK and also Germany. And they’re still continuing to grow around the world.

In 2002, Pampered Chef was absorbed by Berkshire Hathaway which is a massive conglomerate owned by Warren Buffet. It’s based in Omaha and still owns the smaller Pampered Chef to this day. They’re also the fourth largest public company in the world and own a bunch of famous organizations. Some of these include GEICO, Dairy Queen and others. They also own portions of huge companies like Coca Cola.

So back to Pampered Chef. This interesting MLM offers kitchen and home products and normally uses the direct selling method. They have a number of tactics up their sleeve such as Facebook friend requests, virtual hangouts, actual parties and a lot of conference calls.

Their income model hasn’t been the best out there, though, but they still seem to be making some money. Right now, their income model seems to be better suited to investors and not affiliates.

Their employees don’t seem too happy. Obviously, this varies from person to person. I’m going to talk a bit more about how Pampered Chef’s compensation and consultant model actually works.

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To join Pampered Chef as a consultant, you’ll need to purchase a kit. These come in three variations, starting from the basic and going all the way up to the Ultimate.  Of course, the amount you have to pay greatly varies across all three as well.

So let’s see what these levels are. The first one is the Starter Kit, which costs about $109 and gives you around $450 worth of Pampered Chef products that you will sell. The second one costs about $160 and includes with it $650 worth of products.

The third is called the Ultimate Kit and it’ll set you back by $249 and also give you $1000 worth of exclusive products. There is another way or ‘hack’ to becoming a consultant. You can actually host a party to promote Pampered Chef and this way you get a $50 kit credit. You can end up joining for as little as $59.

Now onto what you’d sell, if you were a consultant at Pampered Chef. While they mainly  sell kitchenware products, they also have anything you’d need in your kitchen such as appliances and more. Here is an extensive list of the kinds of things you can find at Pampered Chef:

  • Bakeware
  • Cutlery of all designs
  • Cookbooks
  • Appliances
  • Grilling accessories and barbeque essentials
  • Various dishes
  • Holiday sets and party packs
  • Kitchen storage boxes and stowaway spaces
  • Some assorted food products

They even sell some food stuff. Their popular brands retail under the names of Sunrider, Take Shapre for Life and Nuriche. Pampered Chef has been around for a long time which is why customers have already picked their favorites. These are some of the most-loved products:

  • Kids pizza making set – retails for $45
  • Emoji cookie cutter set – retails for $10
  • Herb infuser – retails for $10
  • Manual food processor – retails for $52.50
  • Small bamboo knife block set – retails for $165 and includes 4 pieces
  • Beer bread mix – retails for $11

You can really tell that they cover it all in terms of kitchenware and even food. Pampered Chef aim to take over the kitchen space in the way that you can get products from start to finish.

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You can get a cookbook, the actual ingredients, ready made food and then appliances and further on, decorative dishes and much more. This really encompasses the idea of the whole company, which is essentially to ‘create powerful products’ to help you achieve a fast and efficient cooking process. However, they had a unique selling point back in the day.

Now, their kitchenware can’t be differentiated from their competitors’ and the fact that Pampered Chef also charges extravagantly for their stuff makes them less effective.

Now onto the compensation plan, i.e. what you’re going to get when you sign up with Pampered Chef. This will perhaps help you make your decision. Keep in mind that your compensation rates will depend on how your monthly sales performance is.

A good ballpark idea is that if you sell $1-750 in sales, you’ll get around a 20% commission rate. On the higher end, $4000+ in monthly sales will help you get to a 25% commission rate. This is the scale through which you can base your decision of joining Pampered Chef.

Now most consultants stay below the 20% commission rate because it’s not that easy to jack up your sales with this program. If you want to make some serious money with them you’re going to need to create a good reliable team full of dedicated consultants. In any case, you will get 50% off on new items from Pampered Chef once you sign up.

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