nuskin-reviewAmongst the top ranked Multi-Marketing Companies, Nu Skin has managed to make a prominent position amongst the others. It was founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, Nedra Roney, Steve Lund, and Sandie, N. Tillotson who are now accredited and highly rated with the Better Business Bureau.

They started developing their brand and products in mid-west US, in Provo, Utah. They mainly distribute personal care items along with dietary supplements under the brand, Pharmanex. Soon after its origin, it spread itself to foreign countries, first being Canada in 1990.

Not long after, it began operations in Asia, finding its way to Hong Kong. This helped their sales grow exponentially. Following their success, Nu Skin also landed itself in the New York Stock Exchange by 1996.

As of current, the company has infiltrated 54 markets, and has a network of an estimate of 1.2 million representatives dealing with the consumers.

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Nu Skin has been round for more than thirty years, which only confirms its longevity. It’s a safe bet that unlike other MLM companies, it is not likely to leave you out of the blue and shut down unexpectedly.

Their company model is essential to understand as someone looking into becoming an affiliate. They use multi-level marketing to sell their products through their representatives to the customers. This means that each distributor is given the opportunity to sell Nu Skin products to their own customer base and make a decent commission by just signing on.

Nu Skin gives their representatives the chance to recruit their own team, to increase the sales of the products and increase the commission rate altogether. The representatives get to build and nurture their own small businesses as long as they stay within Nu Skin brand’s parameters.

By essentially giving their distributors freedom to sell the products in the most appropriate way possible, it has enabled them to increase their sales and recruit thousands of representatives around the world.

Their distributors actually earn a very decent amount of income as Nu Skin’s products are high quality and pricey. This proves to be very profitable for the affiliates, and can result in a stable revenue stream for dedicated workers.

Now you’re wondering, how does one become an affiliate exactly? Customers get the choice to sign up as a distributor in order to purchase products on a wholesale level and cost, and then make profit by reselling them to consumers.

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By just filling out an application for the independent distributor position on their website, you get to purchase and select one of the introductory packages available.

You can find these packages available for$150-$1,230, in which there are Nu Skin products for you to sell. It does come with a $25 charge for the business portfolio along with an annual membership fee of $20.

The compensation plan does not get better than this. The startup commission rate is a decent 25% with an added 5% bonus for every recruiter you personally enroll and the amount earned through your circle’s sales.

You can also qualify to become a Sales Network Executive, which gives you benefits such as being able to participate in the Leadership Bonus Pool.

Here is a simple breakdown of how the compensation plan works and what each Nu Skin distributor level requires. Distributor and Qualifying Executive Distributor requires you to have 5 customers sales monthly and a 200 L1 Product Sales Volume.

Then comes the position of Executive Distributor which requires you to achieve 5 monthly customer sales and 2,000 Group Sales Volume. Lastly, there’s the position of Executive Leader in which you have to successfully have 200 L1 Product Sales Volume for 3 consecutive months with  a 1,ooo GSV in your first month, 1,500 GSV in your second month, and 2,000 GSV in your third month consistently.


Here’s what the company actually offers in terms of products. Their products consist of more than 200 personal and self-care products that help women achieve a younger, brighter looking face.

Their anti-aging products have proven themselves to be the most popular amongst their consumers as it helps to tighten and even clear their skin. In 1996, Nu Skin managed to acquire Pharmanex, a company that deals exclusively with dietary supplements.

Nu Skin used the company to develop products that matched well with their already existing product line, and have been proven to be successful in their efforts. They developed a patent on the device designed by Pharmanex called the “BioPhotonic Scanner” which helps to measure the carotenoid level in the system and has proven to be a success.

The company does not fall behind when it comes to charity. A generous portion of the proceeds go to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation. The distributors have claimed how easy it is to work for Nu Skin, as anyone who is technologically inept, can still easily operate their sales over the internet.


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