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Nick Shackelford’s Facebook Ads Course Review – A Course Worth Investing In or Not?

facebook ads course review

Facebook Ads Course Review – Is Nick Shackelford's FB course a scam?

Nick Shackelford’s How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0 is a Facebook Ad course. This course will teach you the basics of how to build your ad agency, get clients and make money by offering them services that deliver. In this article, I will review the money-making potential and feasibility of this ad course to determine whether or not to invest in this course.


  • This review is my professional and unbiased opinion about Nick Shackelford’s How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0, and whether it is a legit way of making money or just another scam. I am in no way related or associated with Nick Shackelford, his program How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0, and any of his other ventures. My sole reason for writing this review is to help you all stay safe from scams and useless programs. I won't get even a single cent if you decide to invest your hard-earned money in this program.

What is Nick Shackelford’s Facebook Ad course and How Does It Work?

  • Nick Shackelford’s Facebook Ad course teaches its users how to formulate effective Facebook ads and campaigns that will convince the customer to become regular users of your brand. To achieve this goal, he uses a reliable and technically sound algorithm-proof method.

After enrolling in this program, you will learn how to design a Facebook ads campaign irrespective of the budget allocated to you. In this course, Nick will also teach you the proven strategy of media buying. The same strategy has helped him land 150+ brands for different industries irrespective of their niches.

  • The Facebook Ads course comprises 6 modules and 61 video lessons. Let us take a look at the different modules and what they offer.

Module 1: Mastering The Facebook Ad Foundations

  • During this module, you will be given a basic introduction to Facebook ads and campaigns. Important learning points include the secret ingredients of a powerful ad, running ads, and tips on effective media buying.

Module 2: Top Of Funnel Prospecting- Finding Your Target Market Every Time

  • In this module, you will be taught the ways to find your target consumer. Finding your target consumer in a fast manner allows you to maximize your budget. The reason is that a major chunk of the budget is spent at the top of the funnel. If you find your target market fast, you will save a considerable amount of money.

Module 3: Middle Of Funnel- Re-Engagement To Drive Massive Traffic

  • This module teaches how to re-engage with your customers by using effective strategies and campaigns. Most of the sales are generated when you reach the middle of the funnel. This module also teaches how to create ad copies that are used specifically for landing pages.

Module 4: Bottom Of Funnel- Remarketing For Scaling & Sales

  • This module gives practical and effective tips for creating attractive and actionable Facebook ads that will convert your consumer into long-term users. In this module, Nick will highlight some ways to remarket to a consumer that has already taken some practical action on the business website. Remarketing will help secure the consumer for the long term.

Module 5: Ad Creative Framework That Consistently Converts

  • This module will teach you about Nick’s famous “Ad Creative Framework”. This is a wholesome and universal module that can be used for any product, irrespective of the industry it belongs to.

Module 6: Troubleshooting Common Problems & Avoiding Costly Mistakes

  • Module 6 sheds light on some common mistakes, how to avoid them in the first place, and the best practices for the quick resolution of ad issues.

Who is Nick Shackelford?

  • Nick Shackelford is a performance marketing guru. Media buying on top social networks is his area of specialization. He has created multiple winning marketing strategies and campaigns for various industries. Nick has established his own Facebook agency. He has an impressive clientele of 150 plus companies.

Pepsi and Apple are some of the impressive clients for whom Nick has conducted media buying.

How Much Does This Course Cost?

  • The one-time price of this course is $997. Due to the relatively higher cost, Nick has introduced a 3-month payment scheme for students who want to enroll in this course.

Is Nick Shackelford’s Facebook Ad course Worth The Hype and Money?

There are no two opinions about the legitimacy and money-making potential of this course. However, before opting for this course it is important to understand some disadvantages of it as well:

  • To make money with this program, you will have to put in grinding hard work and even then success is not guaranteed.
  • Passive income cannot be ensured. Running an agency requires constant hard work which results in a stream of active income.
  • The course is quite expensive, probably one of the most expensive online courses.
  • Some honest reviewers have not given positive feedback about this course. They claim that the course teaches some very basic concepts and the cost of the course is not justified for the rather simple content it provides.

My Recommendation?

  • After conducting extensive research, I have concluded that How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0 is not for everyone. I will not recommend investing your time and money in this program. The reason is that there are much better, more reliable, and more efficient ways of making money online. I have been using Pay Per Click (PPC) and local lead generation for quite some time now. They have enabled me to enhance my earnings considerably.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

My Experience

When I started my journey to make money online, I too encountered multiple scams and lost quite some money. However, all of that changed when I learned about local lead generation. Let me share my experience with you:

  • I have 15 years of affiliate and online marketing experience, and I make a 4-5 figure monthly income via local lead generation.
  • I help local businesses in my area get more traffic and sales on their websites. This is local lead generation. I generate leads and earn my commission.
  • I use PPC and Facebook Ads for creating targeted adverts, and fine-tune each campaign so that it gets the most clicks.
  • More clicks mean more traffic, which results in more opportunities for conversions to sales.
  • This might seem simple, but if you don’t have the necessary skills and experience you won’t get far with it. This is why I recommend taking a PPC course with Local Marketing Vault.

Local Marketing Vault

Local Marketing Vault is a specialized training program that enables you to be a PPC expert within a few weeks.

  • They teach you using a hands-on practical approach, so you learn by actually doing it.
  • They have a 5500+ members community on Facebook that offers advice, critique, and guidance. You’ll always have the support you need and will never feel left out.
  • They give you pre-designed sales funnels that you can customize and use.
  • They teach you all about targeted advertising, keyword research, and using analytics to your campaign’s advantage.

Local Marketing Vault is by far the best online course I have come across, that offers unmatched skills and unrivaled support. Even after you complete the course, you still feel as if you are an integral part of the Local Marketing Vault community. If you want to have a legit monthly income without any strings attached then Local Marketing Vault is the right program for you.

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