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Morfydd Clark Net Worth – How Rich is English Actress

morfydd clark net worth

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All you need to know about Morfydd Clark net worth

Morfydd Clark is a Welsh actress who was born in Sweden. Her most notable film roles include Maud in the movie Saint Maud and Dora Spenlow in The Personal History of David Copperfield. On television, Clark convincingly played the characters of Mina Harker in Dracula and Sister Clara in His Dark Materials. Her most recent and high-profile project is The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, for which she plays the role of Galadriel.

Clark’s net worth is estimated between $4-5 million. Listed below are some interesting facts about this talented actor.

Early Life and Career

  • Morfydd Clark was born to a Welsh mother and an Irish father on March 17, 1990, in Sweden. She relocated to Penarth, Wales, when she was two years old.
  • Clark is bi-lingual, i.e., she speaks English and Welsh languages fluently. During childhood, she was enrolled in a Welsh language school.
  • From a young age, Clark was interested in acting. She played Mrs. Dai Bread for a school production titled Mrs. Dai Bread.
  • Clark trained at the Drama Centre London. Before that, she was a part of ‘According to Brian Haw,’ a British Youth Music Theatre production.
  • Clark has appeared in several theater productions, most notable of which are Violence and Son at the Royal Court, Romeo and Juliet at the Crucible Theatre, and Les Liaisons Dangereuses.
  • Clark has been a part of multiple movies, including Love & Friendship, The Call Up, King Lear at The Old Vic, The Man Who Invented Christmas, Crawl, The Personal History of David Copperfield, and Eternal Beauty.
  • For her role as Maud in the psychological horror movie Saint Maud, Clark was nominated as Best Actress at the 2020 British Independent Film Awards.
  • For her stellar performance in Saint Maud, she won the BAFTA Cymru best actress award and the 2021 BAFTA Rising Award.
  • Clark’s latest project is Amazon Prime’s TV Series Lord of The Rings: The Power of Rings, in which she portrays the younger version of Galadriel. It is a high-profile TV series with an estimated budget of $20 million per episode, one of the most expensive shows to be produced.
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