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Abraham-Hicks Review: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

Abraham-Hicks is a self-help program that claims to help you improve your life through the teachings of Abraham – a group of non-physical teachers. The program teaches many concepts about how you can achieve your goals and lead a meaningful life by taking charge of your thoughts and emotions.

In my Abraham-Hicks & The Law of Attraction Review, I’m going to provide you with important information that’ll help you decide if you can truly succeed with this training or not.

What is Abraham-Hicks’ Law Attraction About?

  • the law of attractionThe full name of the training platform is Abraham-Hicks Publications. The training is centered on the concepts of Law of Attraction and channeling developed by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks. Jerry died in 2011 following a lost battle to cancer. Esther Hick has since continued to teach with the inspiration she claims to receive from Abraham. Abraham is a group of one-hundred “non-physical teachers” that inspire her.

According to Esther, this non-physical entity communicates to her by depositing “blocks of thought” in her head while she’s in a trance. She then converts the blocks into intelligible words to communicate her message to her audience.

The training promises to provide you with the accurate clarification of the basis of the Law of Attraction. And its practical application to cause a paradigm shift in your consciousness. The workshop is largely dominated by spiritual ideas and concepts.

Abraham-Hicks’s teachings are captured in the following principles:

  •   You’re a physical extension of that which is non-physical.
  •   You’re here in this body because you chose to be here
  •   The basis of your life is freedom; the purpose of your life is joy.
  •   You’re a creator; you create with your thoughts.
  •   Anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have.
  •   As you’re choosing your thoughts, your emotions are guiding you.
  •   The universe adores you for it knows your broadest intentions.
  •   Relax into your natural well-being. All is well.
  •   You’re a creator of throughways on your unique path of joy.
  •   Actions to be taken and possessions to be exchanged are by-products of your focus on joy.
  •   You may appropriately depart your body without illness or pain.
  •   You cannot die; you’re everlasting life.

Who’s Esther Hicks?Abraham hicks

Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker and author. She co-authored several books with her late husband, Jerry Hicks. The duo presented Law of Attraction workshops for Abraham-Hicks Publications in up to 60 cities annually since 1987. Esther has remained the sole facilitator since the demise of her husband in 2011.

The Hicks partnered with Hay House, Inc. which published their best-selling book, Ask and It Is Given, in 2004. Other books authored by the Hicks include:

  •   Money, and The Law of Attraction
  •   The Law of Attraction
  •   The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent
  •   The Astonishing Power of Emotions

How Much Does the Abraham Hicks Training Cost?

  • What you pay depends on how deeply you want to get involved with the training. A book costs around $20. You’re, however, going to be making a higher financial commitment to attend the seminars. A seminar can cost $400-$500. The price isn’t fixed. It varies from location to location. I advise that you do your research well on the pricing in case you end up enrolling for the workshop.

In addition to books and workshops, Hick-Abraham Publications sell CD recordings for their programs. For example, a CD recording costs $15-$30 per month while MP3 format costs $12.95-25 per month.

Abraham-Hicks: Is it Legit or another scam?

Well, I wouldn’t specifically call Abraham-Hicks a scam.

However, I’m going to be pointing out some reasons why I feel this training may not really help you to make money or succeed as Esther claims.

Maybe the program was effective some years back when Jerry was alive. Then you could find some gem and substance in the training. But recently, the teachings are becoming boring and rehashed following Esther’s attempt to appeal to everyone.

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Also, the teachings are based on inspirational principles without offering any definitive guide to succeed. This program may not be of much help to you if your intention is to get a training that shows you how to make money online.

Nevertheless, there are some people who claim to have benefited from the Law of Attraction.

I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion concerning the effectiveness or otherwise of any training. So, I’ll prefer you to decide for yourself about whether or not Abraham-Hicks is a scam.

Do I recommend this program?

  • I don’t recommend this program especially if what you’re looking for is a training that will show you how to make money.

The concept of Abraham-Hicks feeds off emotions and some metaphysical beliefs. The teachings are not based on verifiable knowledge that can be easily utilized to create success. This approach may not work for everyone as it’s not founded on fact or incontrovertible methods.

I find it difficult to believe someone who goes on stage and claims that a group of nonphysical entities called Abraham give her inspiration on self-help. One can’t be certain there are no forms of manipulation going on there.

I agree fighting off negative emotions and controlling our thoughts are very vital to leading a successful life. However, it doesn’t end there. Becoming successful requires mastering a relevant skill and using the skill to create wealth. Listening to some inspirational talk isn’t enough.

Abraham-Hicks Review: What are the Pros and Cons?

I’m going to do a rundown of the positives and negatives of the training to further help you decide if it’s a program you would love to invest in or not.

Let’s check out the pros first:

  •   A part of the program teaches some methods that guide you to fight negative thoughts and emotions. And focus on the positive ones. This part is useful especially for individuals that are battling with depression and limiting beliefs.
  •   Abraham-Hicks has a pretty massive social media presence. For example, The Abraham-Hicks YouTube channel has well above 450k subscribers with more than 83 videos. The Abraham Now – a periodic live broadcast of Abraham-Hicks – for March has over a million views. Also, the Abraham-Hicks Publication official Instagram account has close to 600k followers. All these statistics indicate that some people are probably finding their teachings useful.

Now the cons:

  •   The teachings are not based on objectively observable facts. And as a result, it’s difficult to predict its accuracy and certainty to make you succeed as it’s widely claimed. Esther Hicks claims to receive inspiration and leading from about 100 non-physical beings. This is metaphysics. The truth of such ideas or beliefs are highly subjective. They cannot be held with absolute confidence and trust.
  •   Esther Hicks claims that she aligns to popular religious leaders like Jesus as one of the members of her non-physical teachers. She also mentions Buddha and Mohammed. She claims that her teachings are those which are at the “heart of all religions.” This is an attempt to give her program some touch of universal acceptability.

But then it appears something is missing here. The focus of the platform contradicts the personality of those spiritual figures she identifies with. If you believe in Jesus, for example, it would be strange to imagine him becoming obsessed with money making like Esther. When you visit their website for the first time, it is quite clear that their goal is to make money through sales of books, CDs and seat reservation for their next workshop.

  •   It’s also claimed that many of the books written by Esther were products of direct inspiration from Abraham. However, facts have emerged that no supernatural entity was responsible for those writings. It was in fact, Jerry Hicks that persuaded her to write in order to fulfil a contract with Hay House. Jerry edited the manuscripts. Meanwhile, they would publicly insist that it was untouched wisdom of Abraham.

    Many of the things taught by Abraham-Hicks are mere ideas and concepts that do not provide 100% guarantee for success. The teachings are largely dominated by spiritual discourses that are somewhat controversial.

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  •   Abraham-Hicks cannot be totally trusted. I’m hinging this opinion on the manner in which Jerry’s health was handled. He suffered from cancer. Prior to his death, they claimed that an individual’s ability to change their “vibration” was the ultimate source of health. But Jerry indeed sought conventional medicine which contradicted his own teaching. This is enough proof that they preach what they don’t follow themselves.

I strongly believe that Abraham-Hicks teachings cannot help you make money as it claims. The program is based on claims that lack validity.

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