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Commit To One Thing and Work Hard – A Millionaire’s Advice

Have you ever heard the green grass myth “Is the grass greener on the other side”? Do you know the answer to it? Well, it is a myth for a reason. No, the grass is not greener on the other side. It is only as green as you water it. 

  • So, what does that mean? The grass will be greener only where you water it. I can’t stress enough about it. 

You can’t just get into a thing one day, and become a guru the next day. This isn’t how it works.

  • Similarly, you can’t become a millionaire the day you decide to be one. It takes a lot for a person to become a millionaire. You can’t become a millionaire if you keep changing your plans. You can’t be one thing a day and someone else the other day.

You can’t keep changing your path if you want to become a millionaire. Commit to one thing and be consistent with it. 

Yes, you can test out new things until you have found your “suitable patch of grass”, but once you do, then there is no turning back. Once you find your patch of grass, you are supposed to water it, fertilize it, cut it, take care of it and not let others step their foot onto it. Sooner or later you will notice that the grass will get greener.

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