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Lil Dicky Net Worth – WoW Really Surprised Me!

lil dicky net worth
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Meet Lil Dicky. He’s a rapper and has an estimated net worth of around $11 million! Here are some fun facts about the man.

  1. His real name isn’t Lil Dicky…surprise! He was christened David Andrew Burd
  2. He was the class clown in school and actually got really good grades
  3. Speaking of grades, he graduated top of his class from the University of Richmond
  4. Once he was done with school, he moved to San Francisco and started working at a firm. Pretty soon, he started rapping and writing creative copy
  5. He’d previously written a ‘hip-hop’ history report back in grade school
  6. He’s majorly influenced by Hova and Nas
  7. He started out by rapping just to get some fame but ended up falling in love with the genre eventually
  8. His rap career came to a dead end and then was resurrected by a Kickstarter campaign. He used the funds to create music videos and went on tour. That’s how he went proper mainstream
  9. He’s now become known for being a relatable and accessible rapper
  10. He’s revealed that he’s… ‘little.’ Like five inches of little. But he hasn’t held back and has let the world know anyway!

A truly inspiring man who gives no shits about what the world thinks of him!










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