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Katrina Ruth Net Worth

katrina ruth net worth
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Everything you need to know about Katrina Ruth net worth

Katrina Ruth's story is an inspiring one that motivates people to embrace themselves and follow their passions in life. As of 2020, her net worth is around 7 Million Dollars. Read on to find more about Katrina Ruth.

  • Born into a Christian family in Melbourne, Australia. She is a successful entrepreneur, public figure, and has a booming career as an online fitness coach. She went to university to study law but soon dropped out since it wasn't her dream job. She eventually became a personal trainer at a gym and began climbing the ranks of Australia's largest health club chain.

 Since then, she has established an online presence as a blogger. Over the years, her own group, as well as other businessmen, have criticized her unique methods, her prescriptions, and her techniques of getting into shape, but she has remained steadfast in her way of guidance as she is confident it is right. 

  • At the age of 19, Katrina had started binge-eating and developed bulimia, a condition she would suffer silently with for years. Driven by guilt and realization, she finally overcame the habit and addressed her situation publicly. 

 In 2011, Ruth released the first of over 50 ebooks, “The Secret Life of a Binge Eater,” which remains her number-one bestseller to this day. In her writings, she describes the qualities of leadership and not giving in to societal pressures.

  • By 2013, Ruth was making $30,000 a month but was also $150,000 in debt. The same year, she developed a rare, life-threatening condition while pregnant. However, she remained hopeful and spared no effort in trying to be rid of the malice. Somehow, miraculously she was cured. Katrina Ruth now has a popular, prosperous online presence and earns multiple seven figures a year. 

Katrina Ruth takes risks in life, and although she admits that rejection hurts a little, she won't conform to being anything but herself. “I know I'm not for everyone. But if you aren't yourself, you'll just blend in.” In 2017 a U.S agent approached her regarding a book deal, a partnership with a Fortune 100 company, and a TV show. Katrina Ruth declined the offer. She has reached the point where she does not need to do sales calls; people flock to her instead. She has helped thousands of individuals break the rules and find her soul work just like she did.

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