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How to Make Extra Money on Doordash

make extra money on doordash

Make Extra Money On DoorDash – Become A Dasher

As a Dasher, you could earn some extra cash for delivering food to paying customers. By far, Doordash remains one of the leading services offering food delivery in many cities. But as the service increased in popularity, so did the number of Dashers. More Dashers, naturally, will mean more competition for every delivery. Fortunately, there are strategies you can adapt to maximize your income and earn more. Here are tips on how to make extra money on Doordash and get more out of every mile you drive.

Know Your Pay

There are three ways to earn from Doordash – your base pay, bonuses, and tips from customers. The base pay is the minimum amount of money you will receive per delivery. This will depend on the distance, time of delivery, and desirability or popularity. Deliveries to locations closer to the point of pick-up are generally lower compared to those that are farther or will take longer to complete.

Bonuses can be earned based on certain Doordash incentives and promotions, such as Peak Pay, Drive, and Challenges. The Doordash app will display these opportunities, including the dates, areas, and times involved. If you participate, you can earn additional cash.

Dashers also earn extra through tips given by customers. Fortunately, Dashers receive 100% of the tips they receive.

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Choose Your Location

Identify a hot spot where a group of restaurants can be found. Avoid waiting for orders at a single restaurant or hot spot because this will severely limit the number of potential orders you will receive. Areas such as malls or streets where several restaurants, diners, and fast food joints are located offer more opportunities for you to claim orders and earn extra cash.

Choose Your Hours

The peak hours are the times of the day when there are more orders through the app. These times usually occur at lunch and dinner time. More orders are also received during weekends, including Fridays. During weekends, there are also plenty of late-night orders, starting from 10 p.m. until 3 a.m. Initially, you will have to try out different delivery times to determine which one is best but once you know the perfect window when orders are more likely to come in, you will be able to maximize your income.

Another option is making deliveries very early or very late in the day. Early mornings and very late nights are not as popular among Dashers as normal hours, which means you will be able to claim more deliveries.

Choose Your Deliveries

The key to earn more cash with Doordash is to know which deliveries will pay more. Some deliveries will take more time to complete and the extra time you spend on a single delivery is time you could have spent earning more with other deliveries. Keep in mind that driving to and from the delivery location comes at a cost. Try to keep your costs low and your earnings high. When looking at the base pay of a delivery, aim for a minimum of $2 for every mile you drive. If the pay is less than that, make sure it is a short delivery that you can quickly complete.

Be Aware of Special Days

Major events such as holidays, sports nights, special TV airings, and the like mean that there are more people staying home who likely will want to order food. Take note of these events and be available for higher-paying deliveries.

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