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How Does PPC Influence Lead Generation – Digital Marketing 101

how does ppc influence lead generation

How does PPC influence lead generation in modern digital marketing? Here's a simple answer

All businesses thrive on customers. To run a business successfully, you need to constantly broaden your customer base. To generate more leads for a successful business, multiple businesses deploy Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy. PPC can help you fetch solid leads that have a high conversion rate. 

Let us take a look at some proven ways PPC can help you grow your business

Correct Selection of Keywords is The Key

  • The selection of keywords is the primary factor upon which the success of your PPC campaign rests. Each industry and business has specific keywords that are frequently used by customers to search for a product or service online. For example, the terms ‘trendy clothes’ and ‘chic garments’ are appropriate keywords for a high-end clothing brand. 

To generate online leads, pick those keywords which are most closely associated with your industry. You can take the help of Google Ads to select the best keywords for your business. Proper use of high-value keywords will help your customers easily locate you online. 

  • If you have a tight budget, first focus on high-value keywords for your PPC campaign. As the budget grows, you can focus on secondary keywords to broaden the keyword base and increase the potential for generating more leads. 

Catchy and Well-Written Headlines Go A Long Way

Catchy and well-written headlines will help you land more clients. Your headline should have the following features:

  • Good placement of primary keywords.
  • Catchy and succinct.
  • Inclusion of such words or phrases which prompt a customer to take action by clicking on the ad.
  • Name of the brand, geographical location, and price of the product. 

If you have used accurate keywords in your ad’s headline, they will appear in a bolded manner when the ad will be displayed. This will be an indicator that your page contains what the user is looking for. The user will be more inclined to click on a page whose ad displays relevant keywords.

  • Mention 1-2 special features of your product or service in the ad headline. For e.g. if your product complies with any quality standards or if you provide free consultation services, then this is something you can mention in the ad to attract more clicks.  

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Work on Your Calls to Action

Calls to action are short and catchy phrases used at the end of the ad to prompt customers to take action. The most appropriate calls to action for PPC campaigns are as follows:

  • Sign up without delay
  • For more information, call now.
  • Click for more
  • Get a quote today.

These words help in eliciting a response from customers. With these words, you can expect more clicks and new leads. Use different phrases on different ads and see which calls to action helped you generate more leads. 

Use Ad Extensions

  • Ad extensions can add value to your ads. Using appropriate ad extensions that contain your business’ name, address, contact number or customer reviews helps attract more leads. These extensions help customers retain information about your company and the likelihood of them remembering you increases. 

You can also place form fields on your ad. They help you fetch important information from customers even if they don’t click on the ad. You can access the potential customers’ email addresses and zip codes through form field ad extensions. This information helps you contact potential customers and also gives you an estimate about the geographic location of your client base. 

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