Essential oils are a hot-selling product right now and a lot of MLM companies have stepped up to take advantage. I’m reviewing doTERRA today, which is one of these companies selling essential oils for everyone. Why are oils so popular? Well, everyone is using them!

Whether you go to a relaxing spa for some quality time, someone’s party or just have a night at home, you’ll see essential oils being used. I’m all for oils and I think they’re a great product with lots of benefits. However, that doesn’t always mean they’re a great investment opportunity.


doTERRA has been doing something right though. The company sells wellness products as well as essential oils and has lots of opportunities for affiliates to join in. doTERRA has been getting a lot of good word of mouth reputation and has also been hitting hyper-growth, which means their sales have been going into hyperdrive.

doTERRA already has a strong presence in places like Europe, North America, Latin America and also Asia. And not only are their branches expanding, but they’re also adding more and more products to their portfolio which ensures their risk is more spread out.

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Independent consultants also have a lot to look forward to since they have a wealth of resources available to them. doTERRA’s product range includes everything from single oil bottles to some supplements and even toothpaste! All their products work for people who prefer organic and natural living.

The founders’ vision was to combine their respective acumen which were healthcare and business. After founding the company in 2008, they started on their mission of offering alternative health and wellness through the power of essential oils. doTERRA also got some important experts on board.

They have many hospitals and accredited health leaders with them who also explain how to use essential oils for wellness. Essential oils offered by doTERRA are actually therapeutic grade and according to the company, they seem to cure everything.

doTERRA’s essential oils are made from organic compounds which are found in different parts of various plants. These plants provide fragrance but also offer a strong immunity component which is why they’re so good for the wellness components in human health.

They’re healthy, organic, safe and globally certified which is why they’re doing well. Internationally, people have been turning more and more towards the green movement and living natural lives. This is the space that doTERRA came in to fill.

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Here are some pros for doTERRA’s essential oils:

  1. An independent consultant that chooses to sell these oils can also educate consumers on how they’re used which isn’t that hard since essential oils can be used in any way possible.
  2. Essential oils have been around for a long time but now there is clinical research that is available to back up their effectiveness. Even though people from ancient cultures used them earlier on, people nowadays were not convinced. Now they will be.
  3. Natural wellness products such as those engineered by doTERRA are getting more share of the spotlight now as more and more research is being done on them.
  4. doTERRA offers a lot of resources and support for their consultants such as video presentations and online networks for support. There is also an admin panel which is available to consultants for free.
  5. doTERRA also runs conferences which are smooth and run very well. The organization is professional and you won’t find much discrepancy in how they treat their consultants.
  6. Essential oils doesn’t come across any social or economic boundaries or borders. It’s a globally useful product that lends itself well to any country.
  7. All consultants receive a ‘fast start bonus’ which means they earn up to 20% on all purchases and sales that go through because of their referrals. This offer lasts for 60 days from the day they first start. They also have loyalty rewards which enable them to earn some free products.
  8. Speaking of bonuses, there is a team bonus which is paid on a monthly basis. Asides from this, there are also bonuses for $50, $250, and $150 which are given out for hitting certain sales and enrollment targets.

Cons include:

  1. Consultants need to spend some of their money. doTERRA requires a registration fee of $35. This isn’t very high compared to some other MLM companies, but is still a significant amount considering you have to start making sales first.
  2. doTERRA doesn’t offer a lot of product variety in terms of their portfolio.
  3. Their current president used to work for their rival company which led to them getting hit with a lawsuit.
  4. doTERRA doesn’t have their own farms and have to rely on an outside supplier for their products.
  5. They also don’t have their own oils which are exclusive to the company.
  6. doTERRA also don’t have their own bottler and can’t distill their own oils. They have to use a re-bottler for this purpose.

doTERRA seems to be great but that doesn’t mean you have to fall in their trap. There’s no guarantee of 100% success here.

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