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Douglas James Course Review: Is it Worth Your Time And Money?

Digital marketing is one of the best online businesses that can make you a lot of money online if done right.

Want a piece of the cake? Then come and get it!

The real question however, is, can Douglas James’ courses truly help you land high-ticket clients as he claims?

If you’re interested in finding out if you can make money with his courses, then you want to read my Douglas James’s course review to the end.

In this article, I’ll reveal some important information about the courses that will help you decide if the course is worth your investment or not.

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What Are Douglas James’ Courses About?

Douglas James offers a wide variety of courses. But they all seem to focus on how you can grow your business. The courses are designed to equip entrepreneurs with the skills and tools to land high-ticket clients on their own.

James claims to train and empower “hungry” entrepreneurs on how to find, close and retain high-ticket clients. And also automate the growth of their businesses so they can spend time on what they love doing without worrying about money.

For the most part, James emphasizes the importance of leveraging Facebook ads to generate leads for local businesses. His course, Local Business Funnels and Ads trains you on how to run successful Facebook ads.

Some heads up before we continue…

I’m an experienced digital marketer who’s been able to build a 6-figure online business. I make 4-5 figures monthly by helping local businesses to generate qualified leads using Facebook ads.

I’m telling you this to let you know that the lead generation business is my bread and butter. I’ve helped several local companies scale their businesses by generating qualified leads for them. These clients keep coming back because they’re getting massive results.

But you know what, running successful Facebook Ads to generate leads isn’t as easy as Douglas James presents it in his courses. There are many challenges associated with the process. It becomes particularly more difficult when you’re not working with the right formula.

I have been able to achieve optimal success using Facebook ads for lead generation with a program called the Local Marketing Vault. I’m going to show you exactly how this program works later in this post.

Before then, let’s come back to Douglas James:

Who’s Douglas James?  

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Douglas James is popularly regarded as the “High Ticket Client Guy.” Before his adventure into the world of digital marketing. He was working as a Navy Corpsman until 2014. He was deployed on the USNS Mercy where he helped poor communities in countries like Guam, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and the Philippines.

According to Douglas James. His humanitarian missions spurred him to want to use his life and skills to elevate people. To fulfill his dream, he transitioned to entrepreneurship where he could raise money. He created a business that focuses on online marketing and advertising.

Douglas uses Facebook ads to help companies to attract my clients and grow their revenue. He’s also created a broad range of courses that are designed to teach his students how to scale their businesses using his approach.

Review of Douglas James’ Courses: What do they entail?

James offers a wide range of courses for all kinds of entrepreneurs. The courses include the following:

The High-Ticket Experience:

  • This course provides insights for entrepreneurs on how to close deals on the phone. It covers a comprehensive system for booking sales calls for high-ticket coaching, courses and consulting services.

This training is available for free on James’ website. However, it doesn’t really offer much relevant information on how you can get started with your online business. Instead, what you get to hear is some extended sales talk encouraging you to sign up for his courses.

Local Business Funnels and Ads:

  • This course trains you on how to automate lead generation systems for local businesses. You will also learn how to create custom ads that get clicks. And marketing funnels that get leads including name, emails, and phone numbers.

The Expert Academy:

  • In this course, James claims his students will learn the secret weapon to dominate Facebook ads. He offers training on how you can generate leads for your business. The academy includes 50 plug and play industry funnels, ads, and targeting. You’ll also get access to current training, advanced techniques, and automated systems using Facebook, ClickFunnels, Active Campaign and more.

In addition, students get weekly calls, private Facebook Group, messenger support and life access to the training.

How much do you think it will cost you to get started with Douglas James' courses??

It costs around $3,000 one-time fee to gain access to all the  courses.

This is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive training available online. But if you asked me. I would say the price is a little steep when compared to the value you get from the courses. The content of the courses are not robust enough to give you the needed information to succeed.

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You shouldn’t make price the prime factor to consider when buying an online course. Instead ask the question: “Can this course truly help me make enough money as it claims?

If you aren’t persuaded that you can make money with the course. Then it’s not worth your investment.

Is Douglas James’ Program Legit?

I really cannot claim it is not legit. However, it does appear like an over-hyped package, which is a problem because it raises false expectations.

For one, I’ve not seen many people that have come out to talk about how the courses have helped them succeed. It’s true that there are some testimonials on his site. However, they’re only reviews from past clients he’d worked with. These testimonies have nothing much to do with those who have bought the courses.

Can The Courses Help You Make Money Online?

I doubt if you can make money with his courses.

Of course, there’s huge earning potential if you understand how to run successful ads to generate leads for local businesses.

However, running successful Facebook ads is not as easy as many people think. To succeed, you need to work with a system that provides fail-proof to  bypass the common pitfalls identified with Facebook advertising. Unfortunately, James’ courses don’t offer much on that front.

Also, it’s true that James’s site has some testimonials about clients he’d worked with in the past. However, there’s underwhelming evidence to prove that many people have made money with his courses. Investing in such a program is like leaving your success to a roll of dice.

The few people who claimed to have bought the courses were only seen reacting to the negative reviews the courses have attracted online. One might not be wrong to think they were paid to defend him.

Do I Recommend Douglas James’ Courses?

I don’t recommend the program. Here’s why:

Douglas James offers training in one of the most complex aspects of digital marketing: Facebook advertising. James might have succeeded by creating his 7-figure digital marketing businesses. But there’s no guarantee that his strategy will work for you.

His approach to Facebook Ads is too generic. There’s also the criticism that the courses’ content is rife with rehashed information that doesn’t offer a duplicate-able << is that a word 😉 formula.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

Is There A Better And Easy Alternative Out There?

Yes, there’s one that can help you make consistent income online.

At the beginning of my review, I introduced myself by telling you what I do to make 4-5 figures monthly online.

I simply use Facebook ads to generate qualified leads for local businesses leveraging the system at The Local Marketing Vault. This program has helped me build my 6-figure business from scratch.

What’s The Local Marketing Vault?

  • The Local Marketing Vault is an easy to duplicate funnels and Facebook ads program that shows you how to build a profitable business by helping local companies to generate qualified leads. With The Local Marketing Vault, you can earn 4-5 figures in retainer fee monthly.

How’s Local Marketing Vault Different From Other Similar Programs?

Douglas James’ courses for example do not show you the exact success formula for running Facebook Ads to generate leads. However, The Local Marketing Vault shows you the exact steps to follow to generate qualified leads for local businesses.

LMV provides you with tested, proven and easy-to-implement strategies to conveniently generate leads. The program guides you on how to use high-converting pre-built funnels to jumpstart your journey of helping businesses attract more customers.

In addition to the robust training and tools you receive. LMV has a private Facebook group of like-minded people who have succeeded with the program. These smart people can provide relevant support to help you overcome the challenges you might encounter along the line.

You should check out LMV if you’re really serious about making easy and consistent income online. To read what people who’ve succeeded with Local Marketing Vault are saying, click HERE.

2 thoughts on “Douglas James Course Review: Is it Worth Your Time And Money?”

  1. Thanks for this info Chris. I see these guys in their Youtube ads all the time, flashing hundos and telling you how easy it is to make that kind of money. I appreciate you exposing this program.

  2. Again…this is the third site, fourth including HIS… WHAT IS/ARE THE BIG TICKET ITEM(S)?
    For me… it’s be a new truck…for others…a plane…a yacht!
    I ran across another YT ad with similar claims to generating money… after several days of researching it… it was SELLING BITCOIN!!
    They wanted a LOT MORE money than $3K! I wrote the guy and said ” If you front me the start up money, I’ll split my profits 60/40 with 60% to you…until it’s paid off PLUS an ADDITIONAL 50%!! HE BLOCKED ME!! LOL


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