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Chris Brown Net Worth

Chris Brown Net Worth
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Christopher Maurice Brown also known as Chris Brown is a famous singer who has a net worth of 47 million dollars. To get to know more about his life, keep on reading!

Chris Brown was born on May 5, 1989, and he grew up in a small town of Tappahannock, Virginia. Chris’s father was a corrections officer, while his mother was a director at a daycare center and his older sister worked at a bank. His parents got divorced when he was only a teenager. His mother had a boyfriend who was physically abusive, which had a negative impact on Chris’s life. 

He used to listen to whatever music his parents owned as a kid, which was usually soul music. He was a huge fan of Michael Jackson, while he got to learn singing and dancing from Breezy in grade school. He also joined his church choir and started competing in various local talent shows. Chris got interested in hip-hop when he got older. 

Chris Brown Net Worth

He impressed his mother through his performance of ‘My Way’ by Usher to such an extent that she started looking for a record deal for Chris. Finally, Chris got signed by Jive Records who also worked with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in their early years. Chris dropped out of high school to move to NYC for focusing on his music career, and the rest is history. 

Chris has now become one of the best selling music artists and has sold more than 140 million records all around the world. He has won various awards for his music including a Grammy award, four Billboard awards, and 15 BET awards. Other than singing, Chris began acting in 2007 when he first appeared in a movie called ‘Stomp the Yard’. After that, he appeared in TV series and continued to do a few movies. 

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