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Chandler David Smith Net Worth

chandler david smith net worth
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Everything you need to know about Chandler David Smith net worth

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Chandler David Smith has an inspiring story for many real estate agents all over the globe. At present, his net worth is valued to be around $10million. Let's delve into his success story and see which steps led him to where he is today.

  • Chandler David Smith has been a regional sales manager for “Aptive Environmental.” “Aptive Environmental is a pest control company. As a regional sales manager, his job is to recruit and train sales representatives. In the past two years, he has recruited over 1,000 sales representatives and provided service for 40,000 pest control accounts. 

Chandler David Smith is an exceptional door-to-door salesman and has given many interviews throughout the years. His main pieces of advice are, “ you need to know when to sprint,” “ Don’t bounce around,” and “ Know where you want to be.” 

  • Chandler David Smith, in his first year of selling door-to-door services, earned over $100,000. In his second year, he earned around $140,000. On his YouTube channel and Instagram, he gives priceless tips on how to properly sell door-to-door. His YouTube channel boasts over 100,000 subscribers  as well as his Instagram having

Chandler David Smith, on his YouTube channel and Instagram, give tips on door-to-door selling. He states that there is a common misconception that you have to be dishonest and rude to become a successful salesman. He explains how persistence and determination are key.

  • A good salesman leaves people with fewer problems than they had before; he has his website and regularly posts blogs giving insight into the many problems salesmen face. In addition to his door-to-door expertise, Smith is an expert real estate agent. His other passion is real estate, where he gives his advice and tips to upcoming real estate agents.

Chandler David Smith is currently 29 years old, with over $10 million in real estate. In total, he has invested in many buildings such as a house, five duplexes, 11 four-plexes, and many more. In total, around 99 doors. His income due to his investments is around $19,000 a month. He has a spreadsheet available online where individuals can see his tips and learn from his journey.

Chandler David Smith is not only an inspiration for door-to-door salesmen but also for real estate agents as well. He has worked tremendously hard over his career and continues to post tips and tricks on his website, YouTube channel, or Instagram. He is, no doubt, a role model for thousands of individuals all over the globe.

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