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Andy Frisella


Andy Frisella, head honcho of 1st Phorm, podcaster, author, master of things, has a net worth of approximately $33 million. Can you believe it?

Frisella was an entrepreneur from day one. He dabbled in all the normal childhood hustles and businesses. He sold baseball cards, snow cones, lemonade, and went door-to-door selling light bulbs.

He and a business partner opened a vitamin store after college with the money they'd earned to paint parking lots. It had been humble beginnings. They actually lived for a while at the rear of the shop, off and on. Andy said it took three grueling years for him to make any money and three more years before they could open up a second site.

Over the past decade, Phorm has become a lifestyle brand with clothing, apparel, accessories, endorsed athletes, a premium “transphormation” app, and more.

Andy not only has this business, he also has a premium podcast where he dishes it like it is and doesn’t pull punches!

Yeah, and he pays a lot to talk at conferences, and also has a hit series of children's books that teaches children the proper values and mentality for success. What doesn’t this dude have?!

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