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Airrack Net Worth

airrack net worth
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Everything you need to know about  Airrack Net Worth

Eric Decker who is professionally known as Airrack is a content creator and Youtube star. He is famous because he creates content and he is pretty good at it. He went from having no subscribers at all to having a million subscribers in less than a year. According to him, the first one million subscribers were just the foundation of the channel and now it is time to get serious. He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2021. 

 Early Life and Career

  • He was born on January 12th, 1997. He was born and raised in the United States and is currently 24 years old. He is famous for creating vlogs, pranks and other content that he thinks will be amusing to the viewers. 
  • His goals for his channel are very big. He plans to be one of those few people who will have 50 million subscribers on their channels in the future. 
  • He is confident that whatever he is doing will make him famous. This confidence has been working in his favor.
  • He is a very ambitious child but in his early years, he didn't do very well in high school and realized that the only way that he would get into college was if he played some sport. 
  • He started a dive team all by himself because his school did not have one. He has been flipping ever since. 
  • That plan worked very well in his favor. So well that he became one of the best divers in the state but unfortunately his very last dive was not that successful due to which he lost his state championship and killed his chances of getting a scholarship and getting into a reputable college. 
  • He did get into a local college and started studying engineering but he realized that it wasn't for him and so he decided to leave it.
  • He and his friend started wedding photography and built their business from there. 

Youtube transition

After wedding photography, he slowly transitioned to youtube and his career on youtube has been skyrocketing. He has kept this attitude and this has made him a millionaire at a very young age. He does not expect to have a big impact but due to his vast fan following, he thinks that he can have a positive impact on people. 

  • Airrack prefers to keep his family life private. He has only introduced his sister to the world via his Instagram. 
  • Any information about his mother, father, or any other siblings is not available. 
  • He had collaborated with MrBeast for a challenge “Last to leave the circle wins $500,000” which had approximately 100 contestants. 
  • A lot of his channel's success happened in 2020 when a young videographer joined his channel and rocketship. 
  • He has 2.17 million subscribers on his youtube channel. 
  • He gets an average of 700,000 views on his channel every day due to his vast fan following. 
  • Eric once sneaked into Dan Blizerians party due to which he gained many followers but later he ended up deleting the video because his lawyers sued him. 
  • He paid a big amount of money to the lawyers as the landlord of the building also sued him for trespassing. 

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