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4 Tried and Tested Ways of Generating Money Through PPC

generating money through ppc

Here are the best tried and tested ways of generating money through PPC – learn from experts

Pay Per Click (PPC) is perhaps one of the most sought-after e-marketing tools of 2021. In a PPC campaign, the advertiser pays a fee whenever their ad is clicked by a user. Knowledge and experience regarding PPC can help you make money in other ways too. Learn below about 4 amazing ways to generate extra income with PPC.

Earn Commissions Through Affiliate Programs

  • The basic idea is to drive users to affiliate products and have them click, subscribe, or pay for something. When this action is completed, you earn money as commission. Depending on the platform's policies, one can expect to earn up to 40% of the payments as commission. Some platforms offer a one-time payment, while for others it can be a recurring payment. 

There is no investment required in this method, therefore it is one of the most favorite methods of earning money through PPC. If you have adequate knowledge about PPC and have the experience of running different PPC campaigns, then you can use this to your advantage and earn a handsome passive income every month. 

Use Google Adsense & Advertising Platforms

  • If you have high visitor traffic on your website, you can earn money by placing Ads on your website. This method allows you to make a few hundred dollars per payout term, depending on your site performance. To set this up, all you need is an account with an advertising network. The most popular one is Google Adsense. It uses cookies to make sure ads relevant to the user are placed on the website to ensure maximum clicks are achieved. 

Apart from Google, there are several platforms available such as Yahoo, Bing, AdThrive, and Skimlinks. These differ in their payout ratio, with some paying up to 30 cents per click while others paying around 5$. One key advantage of this method is that you don’t need advanced PPC knowledge to make money.

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Work Freelance For PPC Campaigns Management

  • If you have adequate knowledge and experience running PPC campaigns, then you can earn money by freelancing. There are several freelancing platforms where you can expect to find projects and jobs. 

If you are new to the platform & do not have reviews and ratings on your profile, then getting new orders is going to be slow. This is because clients don’t usually trust their time and money on freelancers who are new to the platform.

  • On average, for a mid-sized PPC campaign design and management, you can expect to bag up to 500$ in fees. This option is really good for people who are experienced and know how to work with clients from different parts of the world. 

Work As An In-House PPC Campaign Expert At Businesses

  • This method is equal to working a full-time job at a leading company in their marketing department. Many companies hire experts to run professional PPC campaigns for their products and services. In addition to gaining useful work experience, you can gain knowledge by working with industry professionals.

To work in one such company, generally, an ideal candidate must possess a PPC learning certificate, adequate knowledge about digital marketing, hands-on experience working with various platforms, and analytical skills. In the EU, the average annual salary is approximately 32k euros while in the US the annual salary is 50k $.

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