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3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Local PPC Advertising

As a small business, the marketing budget you have isn’t just limited, but also very precious for your company. And this is mostly the reason why small business owners are hesitant to approach new marketing initiatives.

A recent survey has revealed that about 45% of small businesses are investing in local pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in 2020, here’s why. 

PPC is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your business website regardless of your budget size. As the name suggests, you will only pay the publisher of the ads when someone clicks on your ad. 

The prices of the ad are also set by a smart bidding process which allows you to be extremely flexible with your ad spends. And unlike many other online marketing strategies, PPC also allows you to target and reach an audience with ease.

Today, I am going to share three ways your small business will benefit greatly from using local PPC ads, so make sure you don’t switch tabs until you have finished reading this. 

Reach Your Desired Audience With Ease

  • Given how big the online ad space is, PPC is an effective and highly targeted way to reach your desired consumers. PPC networks give you access to several useful tools and demographics that help you pinpoint your ads to the perfect audience.

These demographics include location, keyword, time of the day, age, sex, and more. The ability to cast a net with such precision always results in a remarkable return on your investment.

  • For example, there are many businesses that benefit from targeting local customers who are in search of services and goods in an area near them. 

You Can Develop Brand Awareness

  • While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can take several months to show results, PPC provides immediate visibility of how your ads are performing and how your audience is reacting to them. 

Furthermore, paid ads from Google Adwords, for example, always occupy the top spot of the first page when someone searches organically on the search engine.

  • This can help you leverage your best blogs and sites to spark interest and generate plenty of leads that result in action. And if you’re worried that the consumers will recognize your ad on Google, research says that about 50% of consumers fail to differentiate between paid ads and organic search listings on the top of the page.

This means that you can create brand awareness while increasing your authority in any given industry. Even if users detect your paid ads, you will still be advertising your business and brand name on the top of 1st page of Google which increases your exposure exponentially.

Easily Convert Your Buyers

  • Did you know that paid ads get 65% of all clicks from people who are looking to buy or use a service? You can capitalize on the intent of purchase from these customers by bidding on specific search terms that target buyers instead of people looking for information only.

For example, you can add words like ‘get’, ‘buy’ or ‘purchase’ to your product or service keywords and your ads will be displayed to people with the intent to buy. Or if you want to generate leads, for example, you can be less obvious by using key phrases like ‘cheapest’, ‘best price’, and ‘who sells’ with your product or service.

  • These phrases will encourage users to land on your product page and from there on your landing page can convince them to become a customer.

Why Local PPC Advertising is Better Than SEO in 2020

  • SEO can take forever and there are a lot of programs and courses out there that fail to deliver what they say. If you are confused about where to start with your brand new website, or you are looking for an immediate return on your investment, then you’ll love what PPC can do for you.

You can land clients much faster and easier with local pay-per-click advertising compared to SEO.

  • But where should you begin? How will you create effective ads that convert buyers? If you are tired of trying expensive and slow digital marketing methods like SEO and affiliate marketing, check my Local Marketing Vault review today.

This is the perfect course for someone who is looking for immediate results from their efforts. The course is super easy to learn and promises to teach you everything you need to get started and become a master at generating local leads and converting them into buyers.

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