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The Kid Laroi Net Worth

the kid laroi net worth
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All you need to know about The Kid Laroi net worth

This 17-year-old Australian rapper has a success story like no other. At such an early age, his net worth is 300 Thousand Dollars. Astonishing, right? Read on to find out how he accomplished his dream at such a young age.

  • The Kid Laroi, also known as Charlton Kenneth Jeffery Howard, is an Australian singer/songwriter from Sydney, New South Wales. His breakout track “Let Her Go” on SoundCloud and YouTube collectively tallied up more than 12 million views. In early 2020, another famous single, ‘Diva,' featuring Lil Tecca, premiered. The first project by Laroi was titled 14 with a Dream (2018). He's signed to Columbia Records right now (Sony Music Entertainment).

His love for music started ever since he was a child, all thanks to her mom. She introduced him to many great artists like 2Pac, Erykah Badu, Kanye West, and his personal favorite JuiceWrld. He even adopted some style from these artists and can be seen in his songs. 

  • His real journey began when he was just 14 years of age. His debut single “Disconnect (Demo).” was produced by Kid Laroi. The album was first released in July 2018 during the Unearthed High finals. On August 5th, 2018, it was added to his SoundCloud profile. Days later, on August 12th, a follow-up single, In My Feelings, was released. 

Laroi released his debut EP titled '14 with a Dream on August 16th, 2018, his 15th birthday: it features 5 tracks, namely “Go Get It,” “Lately,” “Disconnect,” “Blessings,” and “Boss Up.” The album featured Miracle, ESKE, and Ryan Jacob production. Laroi closed with “Too Much (demo).” in 2019. American rapper Lil Tecca featured his first drop of “Diva” (prod. by Dez Wright) in 2020. With millions of streams now and counting, it's clear they've got success on their side. 

  • This kid is multi-talented and willing to do anything to pursue his passion and love. He came into the industry through pure talent. His songs are relatable and beautifully sung. It is clear from his determination that he is a fighter and he will be the best someday. His success isn't based on luck like many other artists; he produced music day and night until he was finally recognized for his hard work and passion. 

Laroi is reportedly working on a new project called ‘TKL2* (EP): It is slated for 2020. He is planning to pursue his dream with passion and making the best decisions for his career. He paves his way only through determination and pure talent. 

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