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MentorBox Review: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

You landed on this page probably because you’ve seen multiple ads of MentorBox flying around the internet and you want to find out what the service is all about and if it can truly transform your life as most of the ads claim. If this sounds like you, then you want to read this MentorBox review to the end.

In my MentorBox review, I will show you what the program entails as well as provide comprehensive details of the service that will guide you to make an informed decision on whether or not to subscribe.

What is MentorBox About?

  • tai-lopez-mentor-boxMentorBox is a subscription service founded by Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez. The program is designed to help you consume and digest book knowledge within a short period of time like a CEO. To offer this service, the MentorBox team reads the best books on business, health, success, relationships and then simplify those books into bite-sized summaries that their subscribers can easily digest in minutes or hours.
  • After reading each book summary, you can download a “cheat sheet” that contains the central ideas of the book and exercises that help you memorize what you have learned.

Subscribers also get to watch interviews with some of the thought leaders, famous authors, industry leaders and influencers who dish out nuggets and wisdom that is intended to help subscribers to solve real life problems.

The team also offers more expensive subscription services including sales of hard copies of the books alongside other tools and resources which they claim will enhance better understanding.

  • Many times, we hear people say readers are leaders. Of course, this is absolutely correct. Many of the influential people that we look up to, whether in business, politics, or religion are voracious readers. In fact, top billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Jack Ma claim they read a handful of books per week and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same.

However, even though reading is a productive mental exercise that enables us to put our brains to use and acquire new relevant information, it doesn’t automatically translate into wealth or happiness. MentorBox may help you speed read and skim over a bulky book in a matter of minutes or hours, but it certainly does not guarantee success unless you have or are ready to acquire a valuable skill that helps other people solve their problems.

The ability to apply the knowledge gained from the book is a rare trait in many people. And that explains why many people read many books, and yet have nothing compelling to show for it.

Now, let’s see how deep the rabbit hole of MentorBox is by critically reviewing every aspect of the service.

MentorBox Overview

  • Ostensibly, the main idea of MentorBox is to help you to turbocharge your learning by giving you book summaries straight from the authors. They will then give you notes, videos and worksheets designed to help you gain the important lessons of a book in less than two hours. With this approach, you may end up “reading” 50-60 books per year.
  • This sounds appealing and looks like a great value especially if you’d always wanted to scale up the number of books you read. You can access this service by paying just $7 per month or $59 per year.

You also get a free trial for three days after which you are charged automatically. A lot of former subscribers complained they did not receive a reminder or email informing them of the charge date. So, if you signed up for it, but are not convinced it’s a right program for you, make sure you cancel within the first 3 days of your subscription.

MentorBox has a reputation for their aggressive and invasive advertising. It is not uncommon to see their ads on Instagram, Facebook and other online platforms. They appear to be ubiquitous. Considering the large amount of money they’re spending on running ads, it is natural to pause for a while and rationalize how charging $7/month for their service will help them make profit. After all, the reason anyone would set up a business is to make profit except it’s a charity organization. But from all indications, is clearly not one.

To provide valuable information that will aid your decision making, I took my time to dig deep into what they are up to and finally discussed where they made their money.

  • MentorBox does not only offer book review and summarization service. The team has come under heavy criticism for upselling subscribers for services that do not really offer value. After signing up for the “basic” service, you should get prepared to see more sales funnels captured in rather salesy and boring wordings: But wait, there is more!

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not against marketers upselling to make more money as long as the additional services meet the needs of the buyers. What I have issues with is when marketers bombard their buyers with additional services that offer no real value.

MentorBox does more of the latter which I’m going to painstakingly expose to you so you can know what you are signing up for in case you are planning to give the service a try.

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Audiobook Nuggets

  • The first upsell you will come across after paying for the basic subscription is tagged Audiobook Nuggets, a 10-minute audio recording that covers the most important lessons from more than 100 books. This product goes for $89 and if you’re like most people, you might question why such an offering would be priced at such a high rate. Mind you, the product doesn't give you access to any new program or an online course, coaches or mentorship sessions. What you get is simply an audio recording of book summaries which could have been included in the basic package.

From the name of the service (MentorBox), one would think it is actually a platform where you get to meet a mentor who provides the guidance and advice to help you achieve your goals in life. But it is actually from it. In reality, it doesn’t equip the subscribers with any high-income skills that solve specific problems and help them to earn.

Entrepreneur Academy

  • This upsell, presented in a low-quality 60-second sales video with weak and overly salesy copywriting that fails to emphasize the benefits that you stand to gain by signing up for the service. According to them, subscribing for the upsell will “change your life” as it is their “most advanced training.” Entrepreneur Academy goes for only $20 while a common pile of audio recordings costs almost $100.

Money and Investment Club

  • This is third and the last upsell that may get subscribers even more confused. This upsell is premised on numerous vague and general promises about how the investment club would change your life. Meanwhile, it is totally unclear what you will get after purchasing it. Part of the offerings is that you will have the opportunity to receive live calls from the team where you can discuss money and investment opportunities.

Apart From The Book Knowledge, Can MentorBox Help You Make Money Like Alex and Lopez?

  • I doubt if MontorBox has proven resources or a strategy that can help you make money. For one, I see the system as being built mainly on motivation rather than equipping the subscribers with the relevant skills to become successful and have their lives transformed as Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez claim multiple times in their promotional videos and ads that seem to have swamped the most portion of the digital space.
  • You can have your perception transformed, and opinion on issues better shaped by reading self-development books, but that is not enough. The millionaires and billionaires that you look up to today didn’t not become wealthy by relying solely on motivational books. Motivational books might play an important role in helping them to see how to develop a positive mindset, and applying the law of attraction that brings them closer to their dreams, but their skills and visions brought them to sterling positions they are currently occupying.

To excel in life, you need a real mentor who shows you the right path to follow, provide quality guidance and advice, and teach you relevant, high-income skills that enable you to earn and achieve your financial goals in life.

If you are looking to become successful in life, you need a program that shows you what works, and a community of super supportive people who are also of like minds.

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What are the Pros and Cons of MentorBox?


  • You will gain important lessons equivalent to reading the entire books
  • It opens your eyes to many books written by respected authors that you might not have otherwise found on your own
  • It provides extra materials such as worksheets, and cheat sheets that help you learn quicker
  • Getting the overview of the book may encourage you to read the entire book
  • It helps you cultivate the reading culture


  • It includes many expensive upsells that could have been added to the basic subscription plan
  • It does not teach a high-income skill that can help you establish a business and create your own success
  • The books lack critical reviews. MentorBox book reviews always suggest that all books and authors are correct and we can all learn something from them. The review hardly compare many possible sides or perspectives in their analysis
  • It appears that MentorBox is mainly designed for sales and promotion of the creators’ other works and next books. The focus does not seem to really provide help or support for subscribers, obviously for their financial benefits.

Do I Recommend MentorBox?

  • Without mincing words, MentorBox isn’t a service I can recommend you join, especially if what you’re seeking online is an opportunity to create a scalable business that fetches you consistent income. I don’t recommend MentorBox because it only offers a solution on the one side of the equation: motivation. Motivation without a relevant skill will not produce any result.

Together with motivation, you need effective mentorship, great business ideas and a community of supportive people who are always willing to share ideas.

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