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Kid Cudi Net Worth 2021

kid kudi net worth
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Everything you need to know about Kid Cudi Net Worth

Scott Ramon, who goes by Kid Cudi, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He has widely been recognized as an influence on several contemporary hip hop and alternative acts. He has an estimated net worth of $6 million as of 2021. Here are some facts about his life and road to success.

 Early Life and Career

  • Kid Cudi was born on January 30th in 1984. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. His dad was an AirForce Veteran in World War 2. He worked as a painter and a substitute teacher. His mother was a middle school choir teacher. He has an older sister and two older brothers. 
  • When he was just 11 years old his father passed away of Cancer. He started to act out and eventually got kicked out of school for threatening the Principal to punch her. 
  • He went on to earn his GED and got enrolled at the University of Toledo to study film only to drop out a year later. 
  • He planned to join the navy but didn’t get in and was rejected because of his Criminal Record. 
  • Kid Cudi started rapping at the end of high school. At that time he was into hip hop groups like A Tribe Called the Quest. 
  • He had 500 dollars to his name and one small demo tape so he decided to go for it. 
  • He then moved to the Bronx and started living with his uncle. Hoping to land a recording contract. 
  • After his move, he applied to work at the BAPE store that had just opened up. It took him four tries but eventually, that happened and he got hired. There he met his musical mentor, Kanye West after removing the anti-theft device that he had bought. 

Rapping Career 

Kid Cudi’s uncle eventually kicked him out leaving him nowhere to go. His uncle passed away in 2006, while they were feuding. This motivated him to write his first hit single Day n Nite. The song sold for two million digital downloads in the US and reached number 3 on the billboard hot 100.

  • This caught the attention of Kanye West who signed Kid Cudi to his Good music record label towards the end of 2008. Since then he has sold more than 16 million certified records in the US and won one Grammy award. He now has his own sub-label called Wicked Awesome records. 
  • He dabbles in acting as well, he appeared in the HBO series “How to Make it in America” and several feature films including “Goodbye World” “Need for Speed” “the Cleveland show” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and Westworld. 
  • In 2019 he was the bandleader of the IFC series Comedy Bang! Bang! 
  • In mid-2019 he started collaborating with BAPE to create 5 different graphic t-shirt collections. Some of which feature his face too. 
  • He’s also teamed up with other brands to produce jackets and sneakers. He has also modeled for Tapestry Inc. which is a luxury fashion company as well. 
  • He dated a high-powered entertainment attorney in 2009. In 2010 he had a daughter but the mother won sole custody of the daughter after accusing Cudi of being an absentee father with a drug and alcohol problem. 
  • He checked himself into rehab in 2016. Citing depression and suicidal urges. He said that his anxiety and depression have ruled over his life for as long as he can remember. He can't leave the house because of it nor can he make any new friends.

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