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Jim Richard’s Strategic Intelligence Review: “Winter Is Coming”

“We believe a financial collapse like nothing we’ve seen in history is approaching — perhaps as soon as within the next few months. Millions of unprepared Americans will be wiped out.” This is the landing page of Jim Richard’s Strategic Intelligence newsletter.

Jim Richard’s Strategic Intelligence
Jim Richard’s Strategic Intelligence

Have you ever seen any business selling its product on the threat of doomsday, some future destruction, some imaginary crash? Good for you, that today is the day that you came across that kind of business. Yes, Jim Richard’s Strategic Intelligence is selling the safety from that imaginary future destruction.

Some imaginary future financial collapse is the unique selling point of this newsletter.

But according to them, this collapse will not happen in some distant future, ‘far far away.’

It is veeeeeeeery near … just some months away.

This financial collapse will be so destructive that millions of Americans will lose their investments, savings, and livelihoods.

You can avoid this financial Armageddon and save your future by subscribing to the Strategic Intelligence newsletter.

STOP! Do you think that I'm just kidding, or I just lost my mind? For your kind information, neither is the case. All the things I described above are 100% correct.

I have reviewed many financial newsletters; never seen anyone has made such wild predictions. All others are selling investment advice, recommendations, and expert credibility. They give hope to the readers and subscribers.  The hope of making a boatload of money, of a good life, of a great future, of financial freedom. But this newsletter is different; they're selling sensational stuff like a tabloid. They try to create fear among the people and then sell their product on that fear. The foundation of this newsletter is not hoping but fear.

Fear of losing everything.

They are banking on Daniel Kahneman’s famous loss aversion theory that “The response to losses is stronger than the response to corresponding gains.”

All this gives way to this suspicion that Strategic Intelligence is a scam, and many people say this.

In this review, we are going to dig out the truth of this newsletter and its founder. I will clearly answer this question whether it's a scam or not without beating around the bush. So, stay with me …

But first, I want to clarify why I’m writing this review.

Why Am I Writing Jim Richard’s Strategic Intelligence Review?

  • I'm writing this review in the same spirit as I have written all the other reviews on this website. I love to help people, and I also get a kick in exposing scams.
  • My primary objective in creating this platform was to search for the best money-making opportunities online and inform my readers about them.
  • But what I found out was that there were a lot of scams. They just want to make money out of the people's pockets. Then I also started reviewing these scams and warning my readers about them.
  • I’m a digital entrepreneur, working in this field since 2006. I have seen a lot of good and bad things in my life. During my career, many people scammed me and taught me valuable lessons. This is part of the game. You can trust my judgment; I have experienced it all.

Disclaimer: This review is my unbiased and professional opinion. I'm not associated or affiliated with Jim Richard or Strategic Intelligence in any way. I will get no benefit or money if you buy the subscription to this newsletter or not.

I have taken enough time to research Strategic Intelligence and dig out the details and facts. I hope you will get the information you’re looking for.

Without further ado, let’s roll …

A Complete Overview Of The Jim Richard’s Strategic Intelligence:

  • It is a monthly subscription-based financial newsletter. It contains opinions of the financial experts and recommendations about finance, investments, and stocks.
  • The publisher of this newsletter is Paradigm Press. It is owned by Agora Financial, a well-known group of companies. Agora and its subsidiaries publish many high-quality financial and investment newsletters.
  • The editor of Strategic Intelligence is Jim Richard, hence his name.
  • Jim Richard is quite a famous financial expert. He’s an economist and a portfolio manager, a lawyer, and a New York Times best-selling author. He’s also a guest lecturer for top universities. His op-eds appear in leading newspapers.
  • He’s the author of many books such as Currency Wars (2011), The Death Of Money (2014), The Big Drop (2015), The New Case For Gold (2016), The Road To Ruin (2016), Aftermath (2019), and The Great New Depression (2020). His new book, The Ravens with Robert Kiyosaki, is expected to come in November 2021.
  • You can see from the titles of his books that he’s a calamity-minded financial expert. All of his books are written with the mindset of “winter is coming.”
  • One thing is clear that he's not a scammer. He has some authority attached to his name.
  • If you're a new or an entry-level investor, Strategic Intelligence is most suited to you. They structured it in an easy-to-understand manner for massive consumption.
  • This newsletter elaborates to you Jim's Complexity Theory. They predict future financial events and also provide resources for them. After subscribing to this newsletter, you can analyze any stock's potential by applying Jim’s Complexity Theory.
  • They package this Theory as your go-to source to earn even when the market goes down.
  • For getting a private membership, you have to subscribe to this newsletter.
  • Good to see that they provide a guarantee for this newsletter. If you're not satisfied with the contents or don't like the predictions, you can cancel your subscription within six months and take your payment back.
  • For buying the subscription, you have to provide the usual details such as your name, email address, address, city, country, credit card information, etc.

What’s Included In The Subscription Package?

You will get access to the following things when you buy this subscription:


You will get 12 issues of the monthly Strategic Intelligence newsletter. All other things are ancillary to that. This will be your main go-to source for investment advice and stock recommendations. This newsletter will also tell you how to prepare for the coming collapse and how to save your investments in the face of future financial destruction.

Live Briefings:

You will be eligible for free monthly briefings with Jim Richards. These briefings go live, and Jim answers the questions.

Website Access:

You will be provided with access to the members-only area of the website.

Past Issues:

After buying a subscription, you are provided with access to all the past issues of Strategic Intelligence newsletters and report library.

Daily Free E-letters:

Strategic Intelligence is a monthly newsletter, but you will also receive the daily e-letters, The Daily Reckoning, and Agora Executive Series for free by subscribing to this. They share the latest financial news from Wall Street and Washington in these daily e-letters.

That’s all you get in this value-packed subscription.

In my opinion, when you're investing in stocks, subscribing to just one newsletter would not do you much good. You have to gather different ideas.

That is more relevant when it comes to this newsletter. It is based on a collapse-based strategy. You can’t devise your whole investing approach based on some imaginary future financial collapse. That's why it's essential that, along with this newsletter, you should seek a second opinion.

How Much Does It Cost To Subscribe To Strategic Intelligence?

In comparison to other investment newsletters that I have reviewed, Jim Richard’s Strategic Intelligence costs more.

  • The yearly price of this newsletter is $199.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with this newsletter, you can cancel your subscription within six months, and they will refund your full payment. That's quite a fair thing.
  • As I said above that this newsletter is mainly targeted at beginners, but I would say that this price is a little higher than the beginner's level.

It might be costly, but it's the advice this newsletter provides which can either make you or break you if you pay heed to it.

Is Jim Richard’s Strategic Intelligence A Scam?

  • I know that this destruction-collapse thing of Jim Richard makes this newsletter a little less serious to you. And you think that it may be a scam.
  • But I would say that it’s NOT a scam.
  • Whether you give any hoot to his collapse prediction or not, Jim is a credible financial expert with a lot of experience and authority attached to his name.

If you're a stock investor and want to buy a subscription to this newsletter but are quite doubtful because of collapse prediction and don't want to waste your money, there's an easy solution. Buy the subscription and if you don't like the content, cancel the subscription within six months and take your money back.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

How Easy Is It To Make Money With The Subscription To This Newsletter?

Honestly, this newsletter is more focused on saving your investments in the event of an “inevitable” collapse and not telling you strategies about making money.

  • I’m highly doubtful about the money-making potential of this newsletter.
  • But it does give you some investment advice and also provides you with recommendations.
  • You can act on these recommendations at your own risk.

But it would be anything but easy. Some people mistakenly believe that it's easy to make money in stocks. Well, the truth is quite the opposite.

Do I recommend Strategic Intelligence?

I have great respect for Jim Richards, and I think this newsletter provides some value.

  • But I don't recommend this newsletter for beginner investors. Because, usually, they don't have enough money to buy the subscription to different financial newsletters. And that's what is required in this case since Strategic Intelligence lacks the best investing strategies and only focuses on future calamity.
  • I also don’t recommend this to buy because I’m against investing in stocks. I believe many people, especially beginners, usually lose money in stocks instead of gaining any.

Because of these reasons, I would not recommend you either to subscribe to this newsletter or to invest in stocks. I want you to learn a good career-building skill for making a ton of money without waiting around for good luck to happen.

Is There An Easy Way To Make Money?

In fact, there is.

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  • I run Facebook ads for acquiring qualified leads. You can also do that with a bit of effort and investment.

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  • Super-practical and less theoretical.
  • Beginner-friendly and guaranteed results.
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  • Exclusive community of over 5500 members.
  • Great value for money.
  • And more …

Strategic Intelligence or any other financial newsletter would not make you any money. For that, you have to take control of your life and make it happen.

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