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Jeff Lerner & Entre Institute Review

Controversial Perspectives on Jeff Lerner's ENTRE Institute:

  1.  Hidden Costs and Upsells

At each level of the ENTRE Institute, additional expenses arise. The ENTRE Blueprint, priced at $39, provides a high-level overview of the fundamentals taught within ENTRE Institute, such as affiliate marketing, digital agencies, and course creation. The main course, costing $4000, delves deeper into these business models. Moreover, to handle client payments, you are required to purchase their CRM system called EntreSoft, which comes with a price tag of $1600.

2.  Additional Charges for One-on-One Coaching

Upon completing the main ENTRE Institute courses, the team starts promoting ongoing coaching, but it comes at an additional cost. One-on-one coaching is priced at $10,000 for a three-month period. By this point in your online business journey, you would have spent $15,639 without making any significant returns.

3.  Jeff Lerner's Association with Multi-Level Marketing

Jeff Lerner has been involved with several defunct businesses, including Wealth Masters International, which has been confirmed as a pyramid scheme in Norway, and Carbon Copy Pro, which was shut down. The founders of Carbon Copy Pro now operate Six Figure Mentors, in which Jeff is also involved. Another business, My Online Business Education, led to its creator having to pay $17 million to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). ENTRE Institute seems to be structured around similar business models. However, it is important to note that ENTRE is not a multi-level marketing business or a pyramid scheme, as it does offer a legitimate affiliate marketing course.

4.  Affiliates Promote ENTRE, Leading to Biased Reviews

At the end of the ENTRE Blueprint, Jeff Lerner reveals how affiliates can earn money by selling the course they just completed. Consequently, numerous biased reviews of ENTRE Blueprint can be found on YouTube from these newly affiliated individuals. Negative reviews that highlight the course's shortcomings are usually genuine and not created by affiliates.

5.  Challenges and Hidden Expenses During the Pitch Stage

ENTRE Blueprint serves as a compelling advertisement for Jeff Lerner's lifestyle, which he has achieved through the same business models he teaches. However, he fails to fully disclose the challenges associated with affiliate marketing, such as differentiating oneself among a vast number of ENTRE Blueprint affiliates. Additionally, he doesn't emphasize the difficulties of building a digital agency, which involves convincing businesses to entrust their marketing to you, or the demands of online course creation, including regular updates and coaching. Furthermore, the actual costs of joining ENTRE successfully and the required startup expenses for each business model are not made explicitly clear.

6.  Focus on a Single Business Model and Comprehensive Course

The ENTRE Institute places significant emphasis on training the entrepreneurial mindset, which can be beneficial for individuals new to online income generation. However, those seeking greater success might find it more advantageous to learn from a platform dedicated solely to actionable steps for creating and running a single business model, free from any additional upsells.

Below we go into the ENTRE Institute Program

In this Entre Institute review, you're going to learn what this institute is offering. Is it a scam, or its legit? What will you learn? How much you have to pay? The things they are trying to hide? And do I recommend it or not?

But before jumping on the review, let me tell you why I'm writing this review.

Why Am I Writing This Entre Institute Review?

  • I started my journey of digital marketing in 2006. Since that, I have seen all the summers and winters in online business. I have tested many methods to earn money online. Some were good; others were not.
  • But in the process, I have lost a lot of money and time in buying useless courses, programs, and schemes. I don't want that you face the same issues.
  • That's why I have created this website. My mission is to inform you about good money-making opportunities and warn you about scams and waste-of-money courses and programs. This review is written in the same spirit.

Disclaimer: I’m not a promoter of Entre Institute. This review is my unbiased and professional opinion. I'm not associated or affiliated with it in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this platform or not. I just want to help you in deciding what’s best for you.

Entre Institute
Entre Institute

Let’s dive into the review.

A Comprehensive Overview Of The Entre Institute:

  • Created by Jeff Lerner, Entre Institute is an online business teaching institute. According to them, they teach online business and how to use it to achieve three types of excellence in your life; professional excellence, personal excellence, physical excellence.
  • Pertinent to say that Jeff is an online marketer and he’s neither a financial expert nor a medical doctor or physical trainer. So take his promises with a grain of salt.
  • They try to sell you a story, usual with self-help, that you will learn the same methods that Jeff used “to go from $400K in debt to building a $40M online business.”
  • When you visit the Entre Institute’s website, you take the impression that it's not an online business teaching platform but rather a self-help guru's website.
  • You will be surprised to learn that they also run an affiliate program. But they don't want to show it prominently, so the link is given in the footer. It's like they only want to advertise it to people who have already bought one of their several products.
  • As you will be aware of their products' contents, provided below, they are teaching affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and some other business models to earn money online. But their purpose is not just to teach you some skills; they want to change the three critical areas of your life, personal, professional, and physical.

Products Of The Entre Institute:

Entre Institute offers four types of products:

  • Courses
  • Groups, communities, masterminds
  • Coaching
  • Affiliate program

They call the course buyers and community members Entre Nation and they try to sell one product after the other.

Let’s talk about the products they’re selling.

The Entre Blueprint:

  • The Entre Blueprint is their front-end main product. It sits at the top of the funnel. It's a six steps video training course for creating an online business.
  • It’s the first product in their sales funnel. You first have to buy this product to buy any other product of Entre Institute.
  • This course promises to teach you three business models to apply to create a profitable online business.
  • Note that they don't reveal what these three business models actually are in all of their advertising material. They intentionally try to keep this a mystery so people would buy the course just to know about these ‘secret' business models. But, guess what, I have revealed them below.
  • One-to-one Advisor meeting is also included in this course for each student to help him/her in online business. But actually, in this meeting, they try to upsell you their other more expensive products.

Six Steps Of The Entre Blueprint:

Step 1: 3 P’s

In the first step, you learn about the 3 P's, i.e., Personal, Professional, and physical aspects of a great life. You also learn about the four pillars to build your financial freedom.

Step 2: Successful Action

In the 2nd step, you learn about the three legs of a successful action. Without action, you can't create an extraordinary life, but not every effort yields the desired results. You have to learn what kind of activity makes life successful. This step is all about what to do to get a successful life.

Step 3: Building Your Legacy

This step is weird because you have not built your business or that ‘awesome life' yet, and you're planning about building a legacy. They teach you about leveraging wealth and growth, suppose you already have, for building a successful legacy.

Step 4: Affiliate Marketing

This step is all about affiliate marketing. They touted it as the number one online business model in the world. Jeff will explain to you what affiliate marketing is, how to do it, its pros and cons, how to start affiliate marketing, and how to get money out of it.

Step 5: Ecommerce vs. Brick and Mortar

Jeff makes a comparison of the ecommerce and brick and mortar business models in this step. He tells you about the advantages of ecommerce over brick and mortar and why you should start one.

Step 6: Online Business

In this last step, you learn what it's required to build an online business. Some general kind of information is provided in this step.

Free Bonuses:

They have also included some free bonuses in the course, such as a 1-to-1 meeting with a business advisor, Awesome life challenge, and membership of a Facebook community called Entre Nation. These bonuses are designed to push you further down the sales funnel.

And that's all you're going to get in this course. Part of the reason for not revealing the course content before buying it is that many people would not buy it if they already know what’s in this course.

I don’t think this type of general information will either equip you with a business skill or change your most important three aspects of life.

Price Of The Entre Blueprint:

  • The price of the course is only $39, which I think is relatively cheaper but then you don't learn anything valuable in this course.
  • They also provide you with a thirty days money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the course.
  • Other than paying the price, you have to spend hours and hours watching the videos and following the advice. It is time which is more important than the $39.

Entre Nation Community:

As with all the other platforms, Entre Institute has also created a Facebook community for its members. It’s called Entre Nation. When you buy their blueprint course, you automatically become a member of this community. So, you don't have to pay extra money for that.

Entre Nation Elite:

The third product is Entre Nation Elite; it’s a members-only training group within Enre Nation, meaning it’s a community within a community. They promise to provide you training to create an elite-level business in this community. You also get access to a private video chat membership group.

Price of Entre Nation Elite:

  • They have not revealed the price of this group's membership on their website, probably because they want to sell this only to people who have already bought their blueprint course.
  • But I have learned from people who have taken the course that its price is $29 monthly or $175 yearly.

Entre Digital:

Entre Digital is the flagship product of the Entre Institute. It’s a training course where you learn about the three business models of online business from a business advisor through live mentoring. Basically, the advisor will teach you about affiliate marketing through paid ads. It has some value because the advisor suggests strategies according to your own situation.

Price Of The Entre Digital:

  • This training's price is not revealed, so we don't exactly know what they charge for their flagship product. But expect it to be costly because they created this entire funnel to sell this product, a high-ticket item.

Entre Coaching:

Jeff also provides 1-to-1 coaching for the people interested in increasing the growth of their businesses and who can pay top dollar for it.

Entre Inner Circle:

It is the last product of Entre Institute. Entre Inner Circle is an annual Mastermind & Coaching program for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

Price Of Entre Inner Circle:

  • You will get shocked when you learn about this group's price, which is $29,997 yearly. I mean, I can't believe it.

Entre Institute – Affiliate Program:

They don't just teach you about affiliate marketing; they actually run an affiliate program. They call it “the highest paying affiliate program on the internet.”

I mean, seriously, you have to create an affiliate program to sell your course.

We don’t exactly know the details of this program.

I think the only way you can make money after buying any product of Entre Institute is to join this affiliate program and sell their course because otherwise, their courses and training are just a waste of time.

Entre Institute: Legit Or Just Another Scam?

  • No, I wouldn't say that Entre Institute is a scam. You can say that they are not providing a good value for your money, but they're not a scam.
  • I've no hate either for Jeff Lerner or Entre Institute, and I'm also not against selling self-help courses.
  • I'm not comfortable mixing the skill training and self-help and calling it life-changing when actually you're not providing anything of substance to your customers.

Entre Institute is just like that. You do not learn any skill in this course. You do not adequately learn affiliate marketing, ecommerce, or online marketing. Their material of the course lacks substance and utility.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

How Easy Is It To Make Money With Entre Institute?

  • If you have a good level of selling skill and you can convince people to buy their course, that's the only way you can make money with Entre Institute by joining their affiliate program.
  • Other than that, their courses and training are just a waste of money and time. Why? Because they do not help you either in affiliate marketing or ecommerce. These business models are quite competitive, and you require a lot of investment, experience, and a high level of business skill to succeed in these areas.

Because of these and many other reasons, I don't think anyone can make good money just on the back of Entre Institute's courses and training.

No offense, but I also think that Jeff is not the right person to teach affiliate marketing through paid ads or ecommerce. You need specialized training for each of these skills to get any traction.

Do I Recommend Entre Institute?

No, for the love of God! Not in my wildest dreams. I don't recommend you go to this rabbit hole.

  • You see the price of their entry course is not much. That's because they want your entry into their sales funnel. After that, they will ‘manage' you.
  • Looking at the price, you're tempted to buy the course to see whether it can change your financial situation. But I advise you against it. You will waste a lot of your time, and their marketing tactics will make your exit hard while not providing any value at the same time.
  • The business models they teach, such as affiliate marketing through paid ads and ecommerce, require a lot of investment to build any business.

That’s why it would not be a good decision to join Entre Institute. There are other productive ways to make money.

Is There An Easy Way To Make Money?

No need to lose hope. You CAN make good and consistent money online, and I'm going to tell you how.

  • You see, I'm making 4-5 figures monthly income with the local lead generation method.
  • I generate qualified leads for the local businesses, and they pay me heavy commissions for that. Local businesses are always hungry for new leads. If you can provide them that, you can also make great money for yourself.
  • Facebook ads are the best and most effective way to generate leads.

If you’re not aware of creating, running, and managing Facebook ad campaigns, you should join Local Marketing Vault to learn this skill.

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What Is Local Marketing Vault?

It’s a Facebook ads and sales funnels program that teaches and trains you to attract qualified leads and make a local business profitable.

  • With this program, you will earn 4-5 figure monthly income even when you are a beginner.
  • It does not require you to be a pro marketer or tech expert to make the most out of this training. Even newbies are equally benefited from this program.
  • It also provides you with built-in sales funnels, and you can implement them in your client's business to increase conversions.
  • They also invite you to a private Facebook community of over 5000 super-helpful marketers.

By reading the Entre Institute review, you are now convinced that it's not the right platform. You need a credible and trusted source to get advanced and practical online business knowledge which only Local Marketing Vault can provide you. Join now!






8 thoughts on “Jeff Lerner & Entre Institute Review”

  1. I am glad i got to read your review of Entre Institute. I joined the program on 10th April 2021. I have listened to Jeff’s first three lessons. The video plays with multiple interruptions. I have not received any technical support yet. The lessons this far have not been very useful practically speaking. I have remained patient since this is only the beginning. Your assessment of the institute has been kind of eye opener for me. I too have a similar perception that everything is designed to drag you down to the rabbit hole.

    From your knowledge of the institute, can you tell me if they are prompt on the refund front . What are the problems I might face if I apply for a refund ? I have paid 3 different fees. $39, $297 and $197 which is a total of $ 533. If i can get an early refund I could use my time doing something more useful.
    This message is private and I hope you will keep it confidential.

    I shall appreciate a response from you.

    • Sorry you have had this experience. I just watched Jeff’s video and I’m glad I found this review before taking the first step. Question: why did you believe posting here would be private/confidential? I’m not a member and I can see it.

      All the best

  2. Yes I have joined the entreinstitute. They reel you in with $29 and then sell you product for $4000. After the videos the give you a so called trainer and he’s trying to sell you the private coaching for $30000 and the inner circle for $60000. I’m kind of stuck right now with entre because I don’t want to spend that much money in the beginning. They are not going to help you unless you pay that amount of money.

  3. I got sucked in. At every level they tell you the next level will be amazing training. I have paid over $3000.00 now and still have not learned one single practical thing. Everything is just about getting motivated to work hard. You get absolutely no individual attention and are not really even given time to ask any questions. JL says he is unique because he focuses on the 3 PS — physical, personal and professional ( I think) but there are literally thousands of self help books who say similar cheesy things. I was hoping to learn something without paying $30,000 or more. I think the marketing strategy is “you’ve come this far — don’t quit now.” One legitimate part of the business could be that you get to rub elbows with other wealthy entrepreneurs if you pay the big bucks. That may or may not be worth it; I doubt I will find out.

  4. I was apart of Entre Elite and in the end they want you to pay $30,000 to $60,000.00 for private couching. I don’t have that kind of money. I am trying to get my money back now.

  5. I paid the $39 the model is appealing .But it is like buying a stock market report after you pay for the basic ,you soon realize that their selling you a plate of beans with no meat ,Stock reports reach you when there nearly worthless but if you pay a lot more you can see the success in buying Tesla or something else highpriced.They all say the same thing ” but wait” before you go away for $300 more you can lock in the premium package.???🥱

  6. I also got sucked in (and no idea how – because at the time the charges showed on my credit card – I was in the hospital – in a coma! So figure
    THAT one out…. I got a charge from Entre for $39!and on the same day for $97!from LDI and then a month later, another $97 for Entre. What a scam!

  7. In June 2022, I paid $7 for access to ENTRE Institute’s online course, 5-hours of video later, there were no specific instructions on starting one of the recommended businesses, but there was general information on the 3 P’s of success (physical, personal, professional), key performance indicators for the 3 P’s, the 3 legs of successful action (knowledge, environment, resources), the 3 phases of legacy (income, growth, wealth), 3 digital businesses for the modern economy (referral business, service business, knowledge business), and a Launch Plan that basically recaps information from the first 3 hours, explains their double-money-back guarantee, and talks up their ENTRE Business Accelerator Program. The Accelerator Program comes with bonuses (including all-inclusive software that will cost you $1.95 for 8 weeks and then $199.00 a month) and is supposed to give you instructions on how to start the 3 digital businesses, HOWEVER, it will cost you an additional $3,997 and you only have 72 hours to buy it before this “great” price disappears forever. Throughout the 5 hours of video you are coached that success likes speed and action. You are assigned an advisor as soon as you purchase the initial online course and someone at ENTRE calls you every day, and sends you e-mails and texts, to try to set up your initial consultation with your advisor. I figured that the advisor’s job would likely be to up-sell me on more training, so I have not answered any of the calls. And after watching the 5-hours of video, it’s clear that the goal is to get you to spend $4K on the Accelerator Program, and I’m sure there are other programs that they will try to up-sell you. I don’t know if the Accelerator Program works or not, but I’m not ready to spend $4K, + $199/month for software, to find out.


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