herbalife-reviewsI’m reviewing Herbalife which was started up in Los Angeles in 1980. It was one of the first MLM companies in the world and has now expanded into becoming a massive global operation. They have a stream of affiliates which are placed all around the world.

They do market distributor opportunities pretty aggressively and now have almost achieved cult status. They pull out the works to rope people in. There are promotional conferences, direct selling conventions, phone calls and other seminars to attract potential distributors.

They even have their own personalized giveaways which are branded with the logo and tagline. These include keychains and t-shirts among other merchandise.

The idea behind Herbalife is simple: you try out their products, recommend them to your friends and then they recommend and so on and so forth. Of course, since it’s an MLM, you would have to recruit people to work in your downline but the basic idea is all there.

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Once your friends or other associates start to earn enough, you will start making commissions on their earnings as well. In this way, Herbalife offers your financial independence. I am going to give you more details about them so you know whether or not they’re the right fit for your life.

In any case, making an actual profit from Herbalife isn’t that simple. You have to stay very active with your sales and so does your team. All of you have to generate a minimum quote. Herbalife counts annual volume points (VP). This is how it is calculated: each product has its own VP value and this means that the more expensive kinds of Herbalife products carry better VP.

So by purchasing and then selling more of these, you rise higher and higher in the chain. Of course, you could even be buying these yourself, so you have to think about it from that perspective. If you continue to buy more product, you will qualify to earn more and more discounts off the retail prices as well. The top most discount you can hit is 50% off the retail price.

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This means that to get here, you have to actually buy a minimum number of product, hit your VP count and then you’ll get the percentage off. It’s a little bit paradoxical if you think about it. If you can’t get that VP required, you become inactive and don’t get access to any commission, present or future, that your team generates for you.

I attended a Herbalife seminar where they said I wouldn’t have to be a salesperson to become a success story at Herbalife. However, I remember being skeptical about this because their distributors do have to buy a lot of product to actually qualify for commission percentage. This means that you do have to buy first, then successfully sell it, meaning you do need to be a salesperson.

Your personality matters a lot here. If you’re charismatic and charming, you will be able to ace the sales game very well compared to someone who’s shy and nervous and has trouble talking to people. Herbalife seminars also focus a lot on dream building, which means that they offer you full financial freedom.

I’d take this with a grain of salt because in Herbalife, like in any MLM company, you only get back what you put in. even though Herbalife claims that you will earn enough residual income in some years, this might not be true if you’re not marketing it the right way. They do tell you that you can imagine getting all the luxury you ever wanted. However, you have to build a successful downline for this to work out.

Speaking of, once you join someone else’s upline, you will be asked to buy the Herbalife Member Pack. This just means that you will be getting fed a lot of aspirational words but the bottom line is that you have to buy product to sell it, and therefore, to make money.

This is kind of a super clever model because if you don’t end up hitting your sales quota, they’ll just tell you that you needed to buy more product. And they don’t offer a lot of resources to help so you’ll majorly be on your own.

One of the major ways in which you’ll be recruited is online. Herbalife distributors have ditched the door to door pattern and normally operate through social media or email. You might attend a seminar like I did but those are getting rarer and rarer too. So if you become a distributor, you’ll be inviting and selling to people online which is pretty convenient in its own way.

In terms of selling, you have to understand that you won’t be selling with the aid of marketing and advertising. This is direct selling and you have to give your sales pitch your best shot!

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