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Bob Proctor Review: Is His Six Minutes to Success Truly Worth It?

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If you’ve ever thought that Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success can help you attain personal development, reach your full potential and lead a successful life, then you want to read my review of the program to the end.

You probably landed on this page because you want to find out if Bob Proctor’s self-help course titled Six Minutes to Success can help you succeed and live your dream life.

In my Six Minutes to Success review, I’ll give you relevant information about the course to help you decide whether or not to enroll for it.

What is the Course about?

  • The course was designed to inspire you to change your mindset as a prerequisite to start leading a purpose-driven life. Bob is a firm believer that people become what they attract – drawing on his boundless knowledge and obsession with the popular Law of Attraction. Therefore, his program is aimed at helping you become successful in life and career by teaching the secret law of attraction principles.
  • The program features over 300 videos that Bob believes contain vital nuggets that can help you improve your life. Once enrolled for the program, subscribers receive a daily email which inspires and motivates them to take certain actions throughout the day. You also get a workbook, audio MP3s with transcripts and a starter kit.

The videos can be on any topic such as wealth, health, relationships, and universal laws. Regardless of the topic, Bob attempts to help you maintain a positive mindset while developing the right habits that will help you grow and build a successful life.

Before passing my comment on the course, I think you might want to know a little about Bob Proctor himself.

Who is Bob Proctor?

  • Bob is a renowned speaker, motivational coach and prolific author whose messages are mainly hinged on how you can apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to improve your life. He’s a founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute – a training platform that seeks to help individuals and businesses reach their full potentials and then create the success they’ve always envisaged for themselves.
  • Bob is believed to have spent over 50 years learning from the world’s greatest Success and Law of Attraction coaches such as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, and Wallace Wattles.

54 years ago, Ray Stanford, Bob’s mentor, introduced one of Napoleon’s best-selling leadership books, Think and Grow Rich to him at a time he was dead broke. Ray told him to read the book every day and Bob has been doing just that for more than 50 years. This book has had a profound influence on him. Bob claims the book has helped him to discover proven ways to find fulfillment for himself and others.

law of attractionMy thoughts on the Law of Attraction!

  • Like Bob, I’m also a firmer believer that mindset is central and critical to achieve success both in life and business. You need to surround yourself with successful people and then glean ideas from their lifestyle and approaches to situations.
  • That said, I believe the Law of Attraction can help people succeed in life. If anything, the theory teaches us how we can control our mind to prevent negative thoughts from creeping into our subconscious. The principles seek to empower people to fight off any mentality that limits or impedes them from reaching their goals.

However, the Law of Attraction only shows you some guiding principles on how you can position your mind to see the best in life. It doesn’t teach any specific or tangible skills that produce substantial success except you’re planning to become a motivational coach like Bob.

Life experiences have taught me that developing a positive mindset alone doesn’t necessarily produce success. While maintaining a positive attitude to life, you also need to acquire relevant skills that enable you to earn so that you can afford the best experience that life has got to offer.

Real success is achieved when you combine a positive mindset with real, on-demand skills that equip you with the ability to solve a particular problem that other people are facing. We live in a world where your worth is determined by how much value you can bring to the table.

Put simply, having a positive mindset isn’t enough. Your positive mindset has to be complemented by real skills before it can produce the desired outcome – success.

What Is The Cost Of Bob Proctor's Course?

As at the time of writing this review, the membership fee is $29.97/month with a two week trial for $1.

To join the program, you have to sign up with your name and email. After that, you receive 3 free videos in your mail from Bob. This serves as an appetizer. You get the first video right immediately after signing up while you receive a few more videos over the following days.

Bob Proctor’s Course: Is it legit or just another scam?

I don’t think the course is a scam. If anything, his Proctor Gallagher Institute has a large number of followers on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Also, there are lots of positive reviews from former students claiming the course helped them in one way or the other. Taking all this into consideration, it’s safe to think that Bob and his team are probably doing something right.

The next question you may want to ask is, can this course help me make money?

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Although Bob claims his training would help you achieve prosperity but I doubt the veracity of that claim. It might for some, but certainly not everyone.

Don’t get me wrong. I mentioned it earlier that there are people who claimed to have achieved success with the course. But the biggest question is, what kind of success did they achieve?

If it is financial success, did it happen just like that, or they combined what they learned with core skills before achieving their success? The latter is likely going to be the common response.

The truth is, the Law of Attraction on its own doesn’t guarantee success. It only offers you some guiding principles that you can apply to achieve success in your career or business.

That said, you need a skill or a business that offers a valuable solution that people are ready to pay for before you can become successful.

The successful people that we look up to are individuals who do not only have positive mindsets but also arm themselves with skills that are relevant to their career or profession. That’s how this succeeds.

Learning high-income skills and finding the people to pay for your skill is the surest pathway to achieve prosperity.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Course?

To help you make an informed decision, I’m going to do a quick rundown of the positives and negatives of the course.


  •       Bob Proctor is a quite known prosperity teacher in the United States and beyond. He’s authored many books including You Were Born Rich, The Art of Living, Be a Magnet to Money, and lots more.
  •       The course has a members-only discussion where you can discuss the videos and share whatever challenges you’re having with fellow students or Bob’s staff.
  •       The Proctor Gallagher has gained impressive online presence with 625, 000 YouTube channel subscribers and millions of views.


  •       The course focuses on how you can develop your mind to think positively which is great. However, there’s a missing link in the program: Bob doesn’t teach any real skill that can help his students achieve prosperity. Agreed, mindset plays an important role in shaping our lives. But there’s also a need to develop real skills to create a business that can help us succeed.
  •       Also, Bob seems to delve into many topics such as wealth, health, relationship and so on. Meanwhile, there’s no option for intending students to decide which area they’d like to experience improvement. In reality, a relationship video may not really make sense to someone who is mainly preoccupied with the thought of how to make money online.
  •       Former students of the program have complained about Bob’s strict refund policy. Although it’s written boldly on the website that you can request a refund if you realized the course isn’t what you want. It appears it is difficult to process refunds.

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Do I Recommend the Course?

  • Based on the foregoing, I wouldn’t advise that you enroll for the program if you’re looking for a program that can help you make money online. Bob’s program doesn’t teach a specific skill or business model that can help you achieve that.

Is There a Better Alternative Out There?

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What is the Local Marketing Vault?

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