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Affiliate Rescue Review – Scam? Does It Work? Find Out!

Hey thanks for checking out my Affiliate Rescue Review.

affiliate-rescue-reviewDeveloped by the renowned affiliate marketer Tim Schmidt who I have actually met in person on multiple occasions, Affiliate Rescue stands out as a comprehensive course in the realm of affiliate marketing.

Having previously enrolled in Tim's “Affiliate University” in 2016—a course that has since been retired. When I learned about Affiliate Rescue through his mailing list, I seized the opportunity to dive into his latest offering.

Over the past few weeks, I've meticulously combed through the entirety of the course materials. In this Affiliate Rescue Review, I will assess across several critical dimensions including its novelty, efficacy, presentation quality, value for money, and the credibility of Tim Schmidt as a course provider.

Who Should Consider Affiliate Rescue?

Affiliate Rescue is tailored for beginner affiliate marketers aiming to boost their site traffic and enhance their revenue.

This course is an excellent match if you're facing challenges with:

  • Achieving higher SEO rankings
  • Increasing your earnings

Affiliate Rescue's core mission is to elevate your current website, regardless of its development phase.

For seasoned affiliate marketers, while some of the content may be familiar, the course still offers invaluable insights. Among these, I found Tim's method of evaluating existing websites and uncovering diverse monetization strategies particularly enlightening. This approach has equipped me with actionable strategies I plan to apply to my own sites.

However, it's crucial to understand who might not benefit from this course:

  • Complete Beginners: Those who have never created a website and anticipate step-by-step guidance on website building will not find this aspect covered. You should either have an existing website or possess the knowledge to create one.
  • Seekers of Non-SEO Strategies: If you're looking to explore affiliate marketing through channels other than SEO, such as email marketing, advertisements, or social media, this course might not align with your needs. The focus here is squarely on leveraging SEO for website or blog-based affiliate marketing.
  • Those Hoping for Quick Profits: If your goal is to generate quick income online, Affiliate Rescue might not meet your expectations. Websites often require up to three months to start attracting traffic and six months to a year to begin generating income.
  • Refund Seekers: Given Tim's no-refund policy for this course, it's not suitable for those who might consider backing out after joining.

Exploring Tim Schmidt's Credibility and Expertise

Tim Schmidt stands out as a distinguished figure in digital marketing, originally hailing from the brisk Midwest and now soaking up the sun in Florida. It's worth noting, one wouldn't expect a professional with anything less than an impeccable reputation to address an audience that has invested over $1,000 each to attend a prestigious event.

But Tim's renown extends well beyond just speaking engagements. With a formidable track record of working on over 1,000 websites across two decades, his experience in the field is nothing short of remarkable.

Tim's career portfolio is diverse, encompassing collaborations with both burgeoning solo entrepreneurs and illustrious Fortune 500 corporations. At the heart of his professional ethos is a genuine desire to propel others to success. Specializing in the lifecycle of websites—from their inception and growth to their sale—Tim has honed his expertise. This dedication to fostering growth and profitability is the cornerstone of what he imparts in Affiliate Rescue.

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Highlights of Tim Schmidt's Influence and Achievements

  • Tim Schmidt gained notable attention when the San Francisco Chronicle quoted him in discussions about concerns raised by the President of the United States over search engines potentially suppressing news stories.
  • His expertise in digital marketing and SEO has led to his role as an expert witness in legal proceedings, where his insights into search history have been in demand.
  • Tim has captured global media attention for the innovation and success of several personal care products, showcasing his ability to impact a wide audience.
  • A testament to his effective strategies, he has guided numerous small business owners to transform their ventures into multi-million-dollar successes.
  • Beyond his achievements in SEO and digital marketing, Tim has diversified his influence as a YouTuber, a speaker at major digital marketing events, and a multi-million-dollar Amazon seller, demonstrating his versatile expertise in the digital realm.

Success Stories from Tim Schmidt's Courses

Affiliate Rescue, while a newly launched course, builds on the foundation of Tim's earlier venture, Affiliate U from 2015. As a member of Affiliate U, which boasted over 500 students, I've witnessed firsthand the success stories that have emerged. These testimonials are a testament to the effectiveness of Tim's teachings, now refined and updated in Affiliate Rescue with 2024's cutting-edge strategies.

Affiliate Rescue Reviews from Alumni:

  • Jason Yoon from Vancouver, Canada, entered Affiliate U with no prior experience in Internet Marketing. Through the course and six months of mentoring, Jason achieved a monthly income of $10,000, leading him to leave his traditional job behind for a career in full-time marketing.
  • Jamie Boudreaux from Texas transitioned to affiliate marketing full-time, surpassing his previous job's salary and establishing one of the most profitable sites in his niche. His success story was highlighted by Jared Bauman on the @NichePursuits podcast, especially notable for thriving post the “Helpful Content Update” that impacted many in the field.
  • Brandon Sirrico, now a business partner of Tim's, ventured into one of the internet's most challenging niches. Together, they generate a substantial six-figure annual revenue, showcasing the scalability of Tim's methods.
  • Tim's mentorship extends to his son, who, at 18 years old, has been immersed in Internet Marketing for years. Poised to start college, he plans to use his skills to work as an outsourcer, ensuring he won't need to seek traditional employment during his studies.
  • Jamie B. continues to excel, earning over $30,000 per month and still growing, a direct result of applying Tim's strategies.

Pricing and Investment for Affiliate Rescue

Course Cost: Affiliate Rescue is offered at a price of $797, payable as a lump sum since there is no monthly payment option available.

Exclusive Discount Offer: Message me via my contact form and I will get you a discount. https://thedailysem.com/contact-me/

Additional Investment: Beyond the course fee, participants may need to budget for various tools and services, depending on their current resources:

  • Ahrefs: A tool priced at $99/month, or an alternative, Keysearch, available at $17/month (with a 20% discount using code KSDISC).
  • Domain Registration: Costs range from $10 to $18 per year for those who need a new site.
  • Hosting Services: Initial year hosting for new sites can start as low as $36.
  • Premium Theme: Optional, with prices up to $60/year. Free themes are also viable.

For a new entrant without any tools or a domain, the initial month's investment could be approximately $213. Opting for Keysearch for budgetary considerations reduces the first month's cost to under $200, excluding the course fee.

Optional Course-Related Expenses:

  • Link Building Services: An optional service for acquiring backlinks to enhance SEO.
  • Topical Map: A service that provides a topical authority map, demonstrating comprehensive coverage of a topic to Google, thereby boosting exposure and rankings.

Refund Policy: Tim Schmidt maintains a no-refund policy for Affiliate Rescue, based on past experiences with refund requests following complete course consumption. This stance is rooted in the belief that the course's value, derived from extensive effort and shared expertise, warrants a commitment from serious participants only.

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Overview of Affiliate Rescue's Course Structure

Affiliate Rescue, presented by Tim Schmidt, offers an in-depth affiliate marketing training across six comprehensive modules, supplemented with a valuable “downloads” section. Hosted on the Teachable platform, known for its reliability and user-friendly interface, the course enables learners to adjust video playback speed for a customized learning pace.

Training Format: The course predominantly uses video tutorials, emphasizing practical, “over-the-shoulder” instruction. This approach allows Tim to share his extensive knowledge and unique strategies directly, making complex concepts more accessible.

Initial Access View: Upon logging into the course, participants are greeted with a structured layout that guides them through the learning process, ensuring a focused and effective educational journey.

Resourceful Downloads Section: Among the standout features of Affiliate Rescue is its downloads area, which includes:

  • ChatGPT Prompts: A toolkit for leveraging ChatGPT in content creation, from structuring article outlines to crafting complete pieces.
  • HCU Recovery Checklist: A 23-point guide offering actionable steps for recovering from Google's Helpful Content Update, tailored for those adversely affected.
  • Affiliate Rescue Roadmap: A strategic blueprint outlining essential steps to establish and grow a successful affiliate website, drawing from Tim's extensive industry experience.
  • Approved Vendors List: A curated selection of trusted vendors recommended by Tim, ensuring students work with reputable service providers.

Review of Affiliate Rescue: Pros and Cons

Affiliate Rescue, helmed by Tim Schmidt, offers an insightful foray into the world of affiliate marketing. Its structure and content are designed to impart practical knowledge and strategies, honed through Tim's extensive experience in the field. Here's a balanced look at what the course has to offer:


  1. Expertise from a Proven Marketer: Tim Schmidt shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, offering insights not commonly found in other courses.
  2. Actionable Content: The course focuses on practical steps rather than theoretical concepts, aimed at tangible growth and improvements for your site.
  3. Concise Video Tutorials: Unlike many other courses, the video content is brief and digestible, facilitating easier absorption of information.
  4. Accessibility to the Instructor: Tim makes himself available for questions and guidance, providing direct support to his students.
  5. Valuable Insights: Even advanced affiliate marketers will discover new strategies and tips, underscoring the depth of content offered.
  6. Unique Strategies: Tim introduces techniques and approaches not typically covered in other affiliate marketing courses.
  7. Recovery Tactics: The course includes advice on how to safeguard and recover your site from Google's core updates.
  8. Real-world Examples: Tim doesn't just teach; he shows the application of his strategies on his own sites, offering a practical perspective.


  1. Not Beginner-Friendly: Those new to website creation might find the course challenging, as it doesn't cover the basics of building a site from scratch.
  2. No Refund Policy: The commitment to the course is absolute, with no refunds offered, which might deter those unsure about their long-term interest or commitment.

Alternatives to Affiliate Rescue

Truth be told I know there are a lot of alternatives, but this is the only one I have really dug into and can tell you if you put in the time you can be successful!

Is Affiliate Rescue Right For You?

Affiliate Rescue presents a comprehensive suite of strategies and systems, curated to enhance website growth and resilience against Google updates. Tim Schmidt's transparent teaching style ensures that learners receive detailed guidance on both expanding their online presence and navigating through search engine algorithm changes effectively.

The course is particularly tailored to individuals who already manage an existing website. It operates on the premise that learners have a foundational understanding of affiliate marketing and web development terminologies and concepts. This approach allows for a deeper dive into advanced strategies without the need to cover basic principles.

However, for those completely new to the domain of affiliate marketing or website creation, there might be a steeper learning curve. The course assumes a level of prior knowledge, potentially leaving absolute beginners grappling with unfamiliar terms and concepts.

For individuals with a baseline experience in affiliate marketing and some technical know-how in building and managing websites, Affiliate Rescue could serve as a powerful tool to elevate their digital marketing skills. It comes highly recommended for marketers looking to refine their strategies, learn advanced techniques, and gain insights into effectively adapting to the ever-changing landscape of Google's algorithms.

In summary, if you're positioned somewhere between a beginner with a basic grasp of affiliate marketing and an experienced marketer seeking to enhance your skill set, Affiliate Rescue offers valuable resources and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

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