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4 Tips for Beginners for A Successful PPC Campaign

Successful PPC Campaign

What's the secret behind a successful PPC campaign? You're about to find out.

Pay-Per-Click marketing started in the early 2000s. Back then, the process was quite simple. The advertisers had to choose a few relevant keywords and write a compelling ad for their product. The ads were priced for as low as $0.05 per click.  

Now times have changed. The arena of digital marketing has grown more competitive and more complex. PPC now comprises multiple features and layers. These features are placed to enhance the Return on Investment and help businesses grow. 

If you are new at PPC, we recommend you to learn the basics first. Listed below are 4 important PPC tips for beginners. These tips will help beginners navigate the complex yet wonderful landscape of PPC. 

Declutter Ad Groups to Earn Good Quality Score

  • Establishing good quality scores has become an important factor in the success of PPC campaigns. In order to have a good quality score, keywords should be arranged in multiple ad groups. Each group should not contain more than 10-15 keywords.

Prior to the introduction of quality score, as many as 100 keywords were grouped together in a single ad group. This haphazard approach decreased the relevancy of the ad copy. To get the message across the relevant audience, keywords should be organized in highly focused ad groups. 

  • This enables the advertiser to monitor the success of ads and keywords. It also helps the advertiser to sort out the ones which are underperforming. Decluttering keywords and placing them in smaller ad groups gives a better quality score. This is essential for a successful PPC campaign in the long run.

Include Negative Keywords to Improve Relevancy

  • It might sound counterintuitive, but adding negative keywords can increase the relevancy of your ads. A negative keyword is any word that negates the basic concept of your product. For e.g. if you are selling brand new phones, the negative keyword can be ‘reconditioned phones’.

Negative keywords are added to garner more relevant traffic. They also help filter out searches that don’t concern you. Getting more relevant traffic enhances the probability of conversions. Negative keywords can be entered by clicking on the ‘negative keywords’ option in the Google Adwords account. 

Monitor Your Progress

  • PPC is often preferred over other forms of digital marketing. One of the reasons is because it allows the advertiser to track progress at grassroot level. Through PPC, you can monitor the rate of conversion for each keyword and ad. The advertiser will thus know which keywords are working and which need to be changed.

You can track the leads and conversions by using the conversion tracking tool offered by AdCenter.  PPC offers a great deal of transparency when it comes to tracking and monitoring progress and business success.

Master the Basics First

  • Over the years, PPC has added multiple advanced features like Campaign Experiments, Conversion Optimizer, and Ad Scheduling. These features are very useful for business analysis. However, don’t try them right away if you are a beginner.

It is essential to first master the basic features like conversion tracking. Learn to analyze the results produced by conversion and click-through rates. Establish a baseline against which you want to measure your progress. Once you have reached a milestone in PPC, you can try an advanced feature; one step at a time.

If you wish to become a PPC expert, join the Local Marketing Vault Program. It is a premium program that teaches the art of PPC marketing.

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