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Need Content Writer

Hey thanks for reaching out!

So I have a ton of people hitting me up about this, so now I need to
have more of a gameplan.

Essentially I need someone who can take the ball and run with it.

There will be times where I will give the content idea and what to go off etc… to write, but overall I am going to need someone who knows how to research content via buzzsumo, semrush and sites like that.

Ultimate goal here is to go after terms/keywords to bring in targeted traffic as well as creating some review type content.

The site you are on The Daily SEM is what you will be writing for.

It is about Search Engine Marketing, SEO, etc… so if that is in your wheelhouse then great, but if you have never written  about this, then the gig is probably not for you!

No offense. So please fill out the form below and I will get back to you..
Again I didn't realize how many people would hit me up about this.

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